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We Need to Talk About Kevin

We’re introduced to Eva Khatchadourian (Tilda Swinton) when somebody throws a bucket of red paint over her car and the front of her house. We see her applying for a low-level office job, ignoring the whispers and dirty stares of everyone in the room. On her way out, a random passerby angrily yells at her and slaps her in the face. Eva barely reacts, to any of it. We wonder if she is even alive.

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Genre Spotlight: Constantine

Constantine, the final film in our Comic Book film spotlight, is adapted from the comic book “Hellblazer”.  The protagonist, John Constantine spun out of the pages of “Swamp Thing” due to his popularity and has been going strong ever since.  The series, while on the fringe of the DC comic book universe, grew in popularity under the Vertigo label.  Once the movie was a reality, the studio needed to differentiate “Hellblazer” from the horror film franchise Hellraiser, and thus Constantine was born. Read the rest of this entry