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Genre Spotlight: Secret Santa Selections Revealed

Earlier this month we mentioned that for the Genre Spotlight we decided to do a Secret Santa amongst us Advocates. Each Advocate secretly picked a movie for another to review.  Each week we released a review that was given to us. Below is a paragraph from each Advocate on what movie they picked and why.

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Genre Spotlight (Secret Santa): Super High Me

Most discussion of documentaries, like that of a historical/period biopic, seems centered more around the subject matter than the movies themselves. A lot of documentary filmmakers have gotten away with building entire careers on this fact – one in particular (whose name I won’t mention) has managed to create and popularize his own subgenre of shrill, “ambush”-style comedy-documentary, which has dominated the industry for over two decades now, based on the fact that people only discuss him in terms of the ideas he sets forth, not on the quality of movie he actually makes (and don’t even get me started on what I think of him as a human being). Me, I enjoy a good documentary as much as the next guy, but much prefer the interview-only or fly on the wall types to the ones with lots of voiceovers, Powerpoints, and “wacky” infographics, all of which I find a bit obvious, reductive and…well, cheesy.

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Genre Spotlight: Secret Santa Edition

Each and every month here on Devils Advocates Movie Reviews we dedicate a month to spotlighting an actor, director, or genre.  Getting into the holiday spirit, each available Advocate secretly picked a movie, which was randomly “gifted” to another Advocate.  Join us each week in December as our reviewers give their thoughts on the movie selected for them;  then join us on the last Friday of the month for the big reveal of who selected which movie and why.  Check out the schedule below to see what’s in-store.

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