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Lebowski 3-2-1

As part of our spotlight, and trip to Lebowski Fest, Joe, Rene, and myself have collaborated on a 3-2-1 list which covers our: 3 favorite quotes, 2 favorite scenes, and 1 favorite character.   Check out our lists, listen to our Lebowski Fest episode, and then watch for our first ever video podcast of our time at Lebowski Fest.   Read the rest of this entry


Lebowski Week

In honor of our visit to Lebowski Fest in Columbus, Ohio, we are dedicating the final week of our Coen Brothers Spotlight to the Dude and friends.  The week starts with this week’s episode, which is our coverage of Lebowski Fest, then a midweek Lebowski themed 3-2-1 posting, and a special video episode to round out the week.

So if you like the Dude’s style, or even the occasional acid flashback, check out our homage to all things Lebowski.  And say what you like about the tenets of Devil’s Advocacy, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.

Follow the links below to our Lebowski Fest episode, recorded at the event in Columbus, Ohio:

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Saint John of Las Vegas DVD

Loosely based on the story Dante’s Inferno, Saint John of Las Vegas follows the story of a recovering gambler named John.  To even tie it in more, John’s last name is Alegheri just like Dante’s.  Comparisons from there can vary based on what interpretations of levels of hell one looks at.  Saint John of Las Vegas is an indie film that hit the festivals before making its way to DVD. Read the rest of this entry

Actor Spotlight: King of New York

Two criminals are engaged in a drug deal with a Hispanic kingpin. They verify the cocaine’s potency, and even agree to a hike in the price. They nonchalantly hand him the payment. He opens the briefcase to discover dozens of Tampons. Perplexed, the boss exclaims, “What’s this?” One of the hoods, still smiling, replies, “It’s for the bullet holes, man.” Then they gun him and his bodyguards down. Read the rest of this entry