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Event Horizon DVD (Just For The Hell Of It)

Event Horizon is a favorite film of mine for many reasons. Chief amongst those reasons is the attention to detail within the film. Rather like Alien and Aliens, great efforts have been put in to the costuming and equipment shown on-screen. Each member of the crew on the Lewis and Clark has their name and medical information on their shirt, to aid in the event of an emergency situation. Their space suits actually look like they should work, with their simplistic design and the little lights on the side of the boots that signal magnetic lock. Everything is, well, practical, when it comes to the rescue craft and its crew. They feel like a unit, with their little jokes and jibes, and Fishburne as the no-nonsense Captain Miller feels perfect as their leader. Even when he is bouncing around in the coolest command chair this side of the Enterprise’s he gives of an air of cool calm. That is, until they arrive at their destination.

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Director Spotlight: In The Mouth of Madness

“God’s not supposed to be a hack horror writer!”

When I think of horror films, I usually think of something of slasher killers or at least a figure you can focus on as the big bad of the feature. 1995’s In the Mouth of Madness succeeds without being that typical type of horror film. Directed by John Carpenter, Carpenter himself describes this film as a different horror picture because it doesn’t follow the usual horror plot.  As my colleague Rene, Mr. Horror, pointed out to me, this is one of  Carpenter’s more underrated films.

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Daybreakers (200th Post)

Brief synopsis of the film goes like this: in the near future of 2019 it seems that a bat carried a mutation that transformed any person bitten to take on the characteristics of a Vampire ( no reflection, burst into flames in sunlight, craves blood, etc.) and the problem isn’t that the vast world’s population are Vampires but the fact that their human “food crops” are placing the human population to zero. Now the vampires look to their Hematology researchers to find an “alternative” food source. Ethan Hawke plays the lead researcher on the quest to “save” the Vampire species. His journey leads him to find more than an alternative but possibly a solution to end all problems. Read the rest of this entry

Daybreakers (Devil’s Advocate Review)

Beware  Twilight fans, there is another vampire movie out there with the lead being named Edward.  However Daybreakers is far from being the lovy dovy, teen romance flick the Twilight movies bring.  The opening scene alone, featuring a young vampire burning in the sunlight, shows us this isn’t the same type of vampire movie society is being accustumed to in the last few years, but more like everyone was familiar with years before last.  Personally i’m glad.  I’ve been a fan of the vampire genre for years and I like to see gritty in-your-face bloodthirsty vampires more interested in feeding their thirst for blood than worry about love. Read the rest of this entry