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Norwegian Wood

Taking its title from the classic Beatles song of…experience…Norwegian Wood is director Anh Hung Tran’s film adaptation of the work that launched author Haruki Murakami to international literary superstardom. The movie stars two of the more internationally recognizable young Japanese stars working today, Ken’ichi Matsuyama (who has appeared in Nana, Linda Linda Linda, and played L in all three of the Death Note movies) and Rinko Kikuchi (Academy Award nominated for her role in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Babel). With all of these separate pieces, you can imagine how eagerly anticipated this movie has been – in Japan, in the States, all over the world.

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The Brothers Bloom (Lil Devil)

So…this is my first one of these. Big thanks to Monnie for alerting me to his awesome site, and to Mike for bringing me into the fold. Hope you enjoy it.

Con artists have always fascinated cinema. After all, what is the vast audience always ready for in a serious film? The twist ending! (Did you hear the alternate ending to Terminator Salvation? But back to the topic at hand.) One of my favorite directors has a particular interest in confidence games: David Mamet. The famous playwright (“Glengarry Glen Ross”) has a slew of films under both his writing and directing belts, and a good number deal with hustlers: House of Games, The Spanish Prisoner, and his most recent, Redbelt.

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