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Due Date (Devil’s Advocate Review)

Another week at the movies and another remake hits the theaters. This time we have a remake of the great road trip comedy Planes, Trains & Automobiles.  This time with Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis in the roles played by Steve Martin and John Candy respectively.


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Episode 11: Valentine’s Day Special

In honor of Valentine’s Day Veer and Mike discuss the wondefully romantic and the horribly contrived, as we count down our top three great date films, two rom-com bombs, and one “guaranteed to get you a second date” film. 

Listen and we’ll be your Valentine forever.

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Episode 6: Coming Soon to Theaters in 2010

2010 is upon us.  We did a bit of research to see what is on the silver screen horizon and gave our picks for most anticipated of 2010.  Listen as Veer reveals his inner child and I wax “nostalgic” about “future” films (how is that possible?)

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Episode 2: The Worst of ’09

We’ve already run out of ideas.  Second episode and we’re already resorting to old material.  So sorry.  So very, very sorry.

Actually, it was a quite lively conversation about some films that just didn’t cut the mustard this year.  Have a listen and leave us a comment at one of our various locations.

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Summer Movies That More People Should Be Looking Forward To (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

I know it’s tough when there are so many blockbusters to be had in the summertime.   And I’m going to say this and be met with some resistance, but really, the blockbusters haven’t been all that great.  With the exception of Star Trek it’s been a pretty tepid summer.  So, here are the anti-blockbusters that you can see once you are tired of the mediocrity that has been left on our doorsteps this summer:

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To Remake or not To Remake? What is the point? (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

So I think Hollywood may have just given up. What???? You say. It’s true. Not a day goes by that as I look through the movie web sites that I enjoy news of some ridiculous remake. Could it be that every good idea has been done?? The art of movie and film peaked in the late 80’s and early to late 90’s? Really?  I grew up in the aforementioned period of time, and I’ll tell you we can do better. The list of movies being remade grows by the day. I’ll give you my favorites:

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A Couple of Polls…

In the coming weeks the pickings will get slim in theaters and then gradually pick up again.  During that lull, our hope is to review some films that we missed on the big screen.  The first poll is regarding the week of June 9th, where we hit our first light week.  The second addresses what the first “retro” review should be.  If you choose other in the “retro” poll, leave us a comment as to what the other should be.   So vote early and vote often.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

While it isn’t the pure essence of comic book culture lure, X- Men Origins: Wolverine is certainly a movie that would please most of the garden-variety movie audiences. Whether it’s the avid comic book fan, or a fan that’s entirely new to the genre itself, everyone would get a sense of enjoyment watching this film.

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