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Underworld: Awakening

The going trend for movie series is that by the fourth film is that it’s not a matter of more story telling to be had but just more money for Hollywood to make.  The stories tend to dwell off original course or tend to re-tell what has been told in a slightly different way.  Well…with the fourth installment in the Underworld series, Underworld: Awakening is the dwell off original course type.  Don’t get me wrong the premise of vampires versus werewolves is still the main focus but the element of human involvement takes a step forward here.

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Director’s Spotlight: Miracle at St. Anna

We end this month’s Director’s Spotlight on controversial director Spike Lee with his most recent picture, 2008’s Miracle at St. Anna. After viewing Clint Eastwood’s 2006 war pictures Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima, Spike Lee stated at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival that Eastwood should have included black Marines in his movies. Eastwood responded that they were specifically about the Japanese soldiers and the Americans who raised the flag, that there were black soldiers at Iwo Jima but they were segregated and therefore not directly involved, and that Lee should “shut his face”. Lee countered that Eastwood was acting like an “angry old man” and that he should have included them anyway. Thus, Miracle at St. Anna was born. Read the rest of this entry