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Clue DVD (Just For The Hell Of It)

This for me is the best film of Tim Curry’s career. His performance as Wadsworth, the butler of Hill House herding the guests of a dinner party turned murder scene is one of the most frenetic examples of scene stealing I’ve ever seen. Even ammongst all the screaming, intentional over the top acting and insanity, Curry stands out as the star performer. That doesn’t mean that the other performers are slouches. Each one of the actors portraying the guests at the mysterious dinner party play their part with comic skill not often seen in today’s comedy films.

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Director Spotlight: Victor/Victoria

“A woman, pretending to be a man, pretending to be a woman?”

Toddy (Robert Preston) and Victoria (Julie Andrews) are two down-and-out performers in 1930s Paris. After a chance meeting and an amusing case of mistaken identity, Toddy gets a brainstorm that he’s sure will have them rolling in money and becoming the toasts of Paris: convincing the world that Victoria is in fact Victor Grazinski, a fictitious Polish count who also happens to be the world’s greatest female impersonator. If that weren’t complicated enough, enter King Marchand (James Garner), powerful Chicago gangster/nightclub impresario who falls head-over-heels for Victor/Victoria, as Victoria herself, against all rational thought, falls for him right back.

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