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Event Horizon DVD (Just For The Hell Of It)

Event Horizon is a favorite film of mine for many reasons. Chief amongst those reasons is the attention to detail within the film. Rather like Alien and Aliens, great efforts have been put in to the costuming and equipment shown on-screen. Each member of the crew on the Lewis and Clark has their name and medical information on their shirt, to aid in the event of an emergency situation. Their space suits actually look like they should work, with their simplistic design and the little lights on the side of the boots that signal magnetic lock. Everything is, well, practical, when it comes to the rescue craft and its crew. They feel like a unit, with their little jokes and jibes, and Fishburne as the no-nonsense Captain Miller feels perfect as their leader. Even when he is bouncing around in the coolest command chair this side of the Enterprise’s he gives of an air of cool calm. That is, until they arrive at their destination.

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“This planet is a game preserve. And, we’re the game.”

Predators is the latest sequel in the Predator movie series and is something of a reboot for the franchise. It still has the same Predators and basic premise of the first two movies. An alien creature is hunting a group of people one by one. This time we have Adrien Brody in the badass lead role (Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator and Danny Glover in Predator 2). We also have new people behind the scenes of this Predator movie. The movie is produced by Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi and Planet Terror) and directed by Nimrod Antal (Vacancy and Armored). Their style of low-budget, gritty storytelling makes this the best action movie of the year and my favorite of the Predator movies. Read the rest of this entry

Predators (Devil’s Advocate Review)

Finally, after what seems like at least 3 years, another Predator movie. This time, however, we’ve lost the Alien component, gone back to the jungle, and also gone back to people who know how to make good movies, namely Robert Rodriguez (executive producer) and Adrien Brody (star).  While they do succeed in many regards, Predators does have its flaws. Weaknesses which the titular hunters will use to their advantage. There, in the tree! Read the rest of this entry

Actor Spotlight: King of New York

Two criminals are engaged in a drug deal with a Hispanic kingpin. They verify the cocaine’s potency, and even agree to a hike in the price. They nonchalantly hand him the payment. He opens the briefcase to discover dozens of Tampons. Perplexed, the boss exclaims, “What’s this?” One of the hoods, still smiling, replies, “It’s for the bullet holes, man.” Then they gun him and his bodyguards down. Read the rest of this entry