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Episode 92: Red State

This week Mike and Rene check out the latest film from October Spotlight Director, Kevin Smith.

Does it instill true terror or is it simply a commentary on society as a whole?  Listen to find out.

Give us a listen because we love to snootch to the bootch.

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Director Spotlight: Red State

I’ve been a fan of Kevin Smith since Clerks. I saw that movie in my early 20s on VHS and I can remember laughing from start to finish. I have memorized most of the dialogue of Clerks, Mallrats, Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back and Clerks 2 because I’ve seen them so many times. I followed Smith’s career through his successes and failures. Before I really understood how a director made movies, I followed his movies because they were honest, and even in their grossest moments, from the heart. When you watch a Kevin Smith movie you can see that he has poured his heart into almost every scene. With the exception of Jersey Girl, I have seen every Kevin Smith movie released in the theaters. His recent misadventures with Southwest Airlines, the media and Bruce Willis’ ego (Copout) might have brought more attention to his antics away from the director’s chair, but they haven’t diminished his talents as a filmmaker.

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Director Spotlight: Clerks 2

I’m disgusted and I’m repulsed and I… I can’t look away – Becky

Full disclosure time; the original Clerks is one of my most memorable movie experiences.  I was working in a video store when I came across it, and it  made my experiences in retail, somehow, bearable.  So when I heard that Kevin Smith was making a sequel, I knew I had to see it.  And since it got him a standing ovation at the Cannes film festival, I had high expectations.  Clerks 2 blew them all away.

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Director Spotlight: Jersey Girl

Isn’t that cute? It’s 8 o’clock and you both get a bottle.

Kevin Smith…what can I say about the man?!  In the 90’s, Smith hit Hollywood by storm with his “Askewniverse” series of films that I adore.  My first film that I saw of his was 1995’s Mallrats.  I was floored with his tongue-in-cheek humour which promptly has me viewing 92’s Clerks and one of my favorites 1997’s Chasing Amy.  Smith’s style of filming was an indie hit.  It wasn’t till 2004’s Jersey Girl that he kind of hit a wall when he so-called tried going more Hollywood by breaking his indie style and going a new direction.  With that said, that’s the film I’m going to discuss here.

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Director Spotlight: Chasing Amy

See that man right there? He the Devil, understand? Never take your eye off the man.

The first film in our Kevin Smith spotlight is Chasing Amy, one of Smith’s most lauded and well received films.  The movie tells the story of Holden McNeil, played by Ben Affleck and Alyssa Jones, played by Joey Lauren Adams, and the romance that could never be, but somehow was. Alyssa is a lesbian, so right off the bat you can see the complication.  Interestingly enough, the complications don’t stop there as the revelations keep coming.     Read the rest of this entry

Director Spotlight: Kevin Smith

How does one man get so funny?  Hard work mutha*&^%$, that’s how.  With almost twenty years in the industry, Smith has been one of the more polarizing directors to come on the scene in a long time.  With Red State hitting DVD and Blu-Ray this month,we will be featuring Kevin Smith as our director spotlight for October.  So, come share a moment with us, and follow along with the spotlight:

Week 1: Chasing Amy

Week 2: Jersey Girl

Week 3: Clerks 2

Week 4: Red State

Cop Out

When I was a junior in high school I worked for a video store. Little did I know I was in training to do the glorious job of criticizing films for Devil’s Advocates. We were allowed free rentals and use of the preview copy rack. These were the screener studios sent us so that we would buy copies and rent out their movie. One day I find a weird titles movie called Clerks. It was vulgar, funny, and in black and white. Two slacker clerks and their adventures when one wasn’t even supposed to be there that day. That began my love of Kevin Smith films. Naturally I wanted to see Cop Out, or as it was originally titled Couple of Dicks. While his style has remained the same over the years Smith has become wiser about what sells. That being said onto the movie. Read the rest of this entry

The Clerks Guy and Tuesdays With Morrie Guy Team Up

Director Kevin Smith and writer Mitch Albom have teamed up on the screenplay for Hit Somebody, which is adapted from a song by Warren Zevon.  The story centers around a player whose talents lie mainly in his ability to enforce and take out opposing players.  Smith, a huge hockey fan, paired with Albom, a sports journalist as well as a bestselling author, are treating this film like a labor of love.

The film is slated for a 2011 release.