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The Artist

Not having grown up watching many silent films, it didn’t occurr to me until watching The Artist how international silents were and could be, uniting film audiences around the globe who nowadays may hesitate to see a movie just because it is in a language (or even an accent or dialect) with which they are unfamiliar. In this case, we have a silent movie made by a French director (Michel Hazanavicus) with two French leads (Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo), alongside familiar faces from America and Britain (John Goodman, James Cromwell, Malcolm MacDowell, Penelope Ann Miller, dozens of others), telling the most Hollywood of stories, and flirtatious starlets are the only ones batting an eyelash.

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Director Spotlight: Red State

I’ve been a fan of Kevin Smith since Clerks. I saw that movie in my early 20s on VHS and I can remember laughing from start to finish. I have memorized most of the dialogue of Clerks, Mallrats, Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back and Clerks 2 because I’ve seen them so many times. I followed Smith’s career through his successes and failures. Before I really understood how a director made movies, I followed his movies because they were honest, and even in their grossest moments, from the heart. When you watch a Kevin Smith movie you can see that he has poured his heart into almost every scene. With the exception of Jersey Girl, I have seen every Kevin Smith movie released in the theaters. His recent misadventures with Southwest Airlines, the media and Bruce Willis’ ego (Copout) might have brought more attention to his antics away from the director’s chair, but they haven’t diminished his talents as a filmmaker.

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Episode 69: Lebowski Fest

Mike and Rene made the pilgrimage out to Columbus, Ohio to see what Lebowski Fest had to offer.  See what they and others had to say after two days of Lebowski fans, bowling, and what-have-you.  An episode so big even Bunny Lebowski would flinch at its girth.

Give us a listen, because even if you don’t like us well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

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Lebowski Fest Coverage

To round out Lebowski Week we are posting our video footage, on our Libsyn feed, from Lebowski Fest, which will also close out our Coen Brothers Spotlight.

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Lebowski 3-2-1

As part of our spotlight, and trip to Lebowski Fest, Joe, Rene, and myself have collaborated on a 3-2-1 list which covers our: 3 favorite quotes, 2 favorite scenes, and 1 favorite character.   Check out our lists, listen to our Lebowski Fest episode, and then watch for our first ever video podcast of our time at Lebowski Fest.   Read the rest of this entry

Lebowski Week

In honor of our visit to Lebowski Fest in Columbus, Ohio, we are dedicating the final week of our Coen Brothers Spotlight to the Dude and friends.  The week starts with this week’s episode, which is our coverage of Lebowski Fest, then a midweek Lebowski themed 3-2-1 posting, and a special video episode to round out the week.

So if you like the Dude’s style, or even the occasional acid flashback, check out our homage to all things Lebowski.  And say what you like about the tenets of Devil’s Advocacy, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.

Follow the links below to our Lebowski Fest episode, recorded at the event in Columbus, Ohio:

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Actor Spotlight: Sea of Love

Whoo-ahh, it’s Al Pacino month here on the site.  No i’m not reviewing Scent of a Woman.  My review is of a film done three years before that, 1989’s Sea of Love.  Sitting down the other night watching this with my wife made us laugh.  No this isn’t a comedy, we laughed that you can always tell an 80’s movie by the cheesy theme music played in the background in the credits and at certain points throughout the film. Read the rest of this entry