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Devil’s Playground: 2011 Top 10

Welcome to my first weekly column. You may know me from being the goofy one on many of the fine Devil’s Advocates podcasts featured on this very site. Here I will talk about movies; you like ’em, I like ’em, they sometimes like us? (I don’t know where I was going with that.) Basically, this column is a way for us to get outside the normal site format of just reviewing movies. We’ll talk about what makes ’em tick, weird trends and habits, all kinds of fun stuff.  Read the rest of this entry


Episode 91: Ides of March

This episode Rene and Mike take a look at George Clooney’s latest directorial and actorial (not a real word, right?) opus Ides of March.

Give us a listen because we make up cool words like actorial.

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