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Director Spotlight: Panic Room

Panic Room, the 2002 film by David Finch, is a prime example of a close-quarters thriller. Now I am biased in favor of this type of movie—limited set and location, small cast, tight focus—to begin with; Sleuth, from 1972 and again in 2007, is another excellent example. It forces the filmmakers to focus more than usual on their craft, storytelling, acting, etc., and less on spectacle. Read the rest of this entry


Where the Wild Things Are

What a magical movie this is. Hardly a surprise, considering the pedigree of the people involved (the director of Being John Malkovich and Adaptation.), but it’s a rare things when a literary masterpiece the likes of this is adapted in such a way that nothing is dumbed down or cut through corners. Going above and beyond its source material, Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are is as fantastically entertaining as it is moody and emotionally draining, the results of the director’s unrelenting vision of a boy dealing with his inner demons in the company of some bigger ones. Read the rest of this entry