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DVD Devil’s Advocacy: Despicable Me

In the search for the next feel good, animated, family film of the summer of 10′, comes Despicable Me, the story of Gru, a super-villian whose plan in the ultimate theft, is to steal the moon, which involves him adopting three orphaned girls. Gru voiced by comedian actor Steve Carell, slowly begins to have an emotional attachment to the three girls after adopting them for his scheme. Due to the situation, Gru begins to have conflicting conclusions, between the girls, and gaining the title of being the number one super- villian which is currently held by his arch- nemesis, Vector ( Jason Segel). Read the rest of this entry



Superheroes and super-villains have become a staple in the film industry.  Nary a month goes by without some sort of superpowered exploit coming out.  Some are good and some are bad (X-Men Origins: Wolverine anyone?)  Some are fresh and some are rehashed. Some are adult themed and some are family friendly, like last week’s release, Megamind.  I say family friendly instead of “for kids” because there is no such thing as a “kid’s film” anymore.  Not to digress too far, but when was the last time you watched something with your kids that seemed like it was strictly for them? Read the rest of this entry