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The Princess and the Frog

Sometimes, one must go back to the drawing board in an attempt to capture a moment that has past.  Disney does just that, as it returns to hand drawn animation in their newest release The Princess and the Frog.  The movie, which was high anticipated in my household (Zara is 3), was in a single word, okay.  The animation does not wow you, the storyline does have Disney’s traditional message of looking past the exterior and into the interior of an individual and frankly scared a lot of children watching the movie.  Read the rest of this entry


Disney’s A Christmas Carol

Tis the season and Disney is putting on the full court press.  It seems the animators at Disney (not Pixar) are getting the studio running in anticipation of December’s The Princess & the Frog by remaking for the third time A Christmas Carol (Previous versions were Mickey’s Christmas Carol and The Muppet Christmas Carol).  This time around  Disney turns to Director Robert Zemeckis to tell us the holiday staple and he uses a lot of the lessons he learned from The Polar ExpressRead the rest of this entry

Disney’s A Christmas Story (Devil’s Advocate Review)

Ahh it’s that time of year again. The time of year when it gets cold, and movies come out about it being cold. Here’s the thing about A Christmas Carol…I love Charles Dickens. He showed the world how cold and cruel Victorian England was. The poverty, filth and despair. I’m just not sure it was ever meant to be animated. Read the rest of this entry

Inferno Cage Match: Captain Jack Sparrow vs. Captain Hook

Inferno Cage Match 6

In this corner,  he’s been called the Pirate Lord of The Caribbean Sea.  He has evaded capture by the British Royal Navy and a grisly death more times than we can count.  He runs his ship with a flamboyant flare that leaves his shipmates, peers, and enemies guessing at all times.  The one, the only-CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!!! 

In this corner, he’s a contemporary of Long John Silver, but is more feared on the high seas.  Standing tall with one functioning hand and an ever so pointy hook in place of the other.  Taking a break from hunting Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, we have, none other than-CAPTAIN HOOK!!!   

Disney buys Marvel….Great Just Great (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

So today in the news I read that The House of Mouse now owns some super heroes. Read the rest of this entry

G-Force (Lil Devil)

This review is not only later than I had intended, but I’m also cheating.  I couldn’t find a single positive in Disney’s new live action/CGI hybrid, so I’m writing a Lil Devil so I’m not shackled by the regular Devil’s Advocates restrictions.

G-Force is Disney’s latest foray into the live action arena, and it is successful in one respect.  The film ventures into territory that actually displays a middle ground where the story is too complex for kids to enjoy and far too simple for the adults.  A complicated web of intrigue and espionage is in the forefront, with lots and lots of fart and poop jokes in the background.  Lowest common denominator jokes and gags, disguised as family entertainment.

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Up (Lonely Devil Review)

I’m putting what I really thought of the film at the front, so that I don’t get a slew of hate mail right away.

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