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Actor Spotlight: Tracks

“I love. And, I hate. Because I love I hate. And, I love!”

Dennis Hopper was one of a kind and a great actor.  He was the type of actor that makes a bad movie watchable (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2). He did it all.  He was a character in GTA: Vice City. He played the leader of Fiddler’s Green in George Romero’s Land Of The Dead (“We don’t negotiate with terrorists!”). He was also a great director (Easy Rider and Colors). He truly was one of the best talents to come from the generation that gave us Spielberg, Lucas, Scorsese and Coppola. He will be missed. Read the rest of this entry


Battlestar Galactica: The Plan DVD

I’ll admit it, I jumped onto the Battlestar Galactica bandwagon late.  The show was just about to air Season 4 when I decided to give it a shot.  After hearing nothing but positive reviews of the show and constant talk on the forum board on Comic Geek Speak, I decided not having the SciFi, or now SyFy, channel wasn’t going to stop me.  I rented the first disc of the first season which was set as a mini-series and was instantly hooked.  I went on a massive dvd marathon and was caught up by the end of the first half of season 4, dubbed season 4.0, and was eagerly awaiting for the 2nd half of the final season. Read the rest of this entry