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1st Annual Lucifer Awards

The Devil’s Advocates present the first annual Lucifer Awards, celebrating what we believe to be the best of film in 2009. Here are the results: Read the rest of this entry


Episode 13: Oscar Picks and Predictions

This week Mike and Veer are joined by Devil’s Advoate contributor Jonathan MacFarlane in order to discuss who should win, as well as who will win. Can anyone topple Avatar? Will Sandra Bullock win, causing the earth to open up and swallow all of the legitimate actors nearby? Only one way to find out.

Listen, especially if you have money riding on the Oscars. Just be sure to send us our 25 percent cut.

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BAFTA Award Winners Announced

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts announced their winners list yesterday. 

 If I may editorialize for a moment here:

Surprises…Avatar getting trounced by The Hurt Locker and Kristen Stewart winning a “Rising Star” award.

Not so surprising…Duncan Jones’ “Outstanding Debut” award and Mo’Nique and Christoph Waltz waltzing away with the Best Supporting Actress and Actor awards.  Read the rest of this entry

The Lucifers Nominations

Here at the Devil’s Advocates, I’ve been busy polling my fellow film critics to determine the very best of 2009. Many of them responded (one reviewer who shall remain nameless refrained out of protest over The Blind Side’s Oscar recognition), and I’ve compiled a list of the top choices for each of the eight major categories. By the end of the month, we will have voted again and decided on the winners of the first annual Lucifer Awards, or the Lucies for short. Here are the nominees: Read the rest of this entry