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3-2-1: The Worst of ’09

Who isn’t looking forward to turkey this Thanksgiving?  We all are, especially the Tryptophan induced coma that comes from eating too much of it.  Here at The Devil’s Advocates Movie Reviews, we don’t always have a choice when turkey might be forced upon us. In fact, we’ve consumed our collective weight in turkey at the theaters this year.  So, we decided to bring you The Worst of ’09, with a Thanksgiving theme.   3 Turkeys (bad films), 2 Jive Turkeys (bad performances), and 1 Turkey Stuffed With Gym Socks (the worst of the worst).  See what we thought, and chime in with your own list.  Read the rest of this entry


Adventureland DVD

I had been looking forward to seeing Adventureland for a while now.  I missed it in theaters, so I had been waiting with heavy anticipation for the DVD release.  And now it’s out and I got to say…worth the wait. Read the rest of this entry