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A Mad as Hell Op-Ed Piece: 3D Post Productions: The New Hollywood Remake?

With the growing popularity of streaming media and services like Netflix and Redbox it is well known that Hollywood is trying anything and everything it can to get people in seats. It’s an odd time for the film industry and studios have decided that it’s not shy about showing that it only cares about one thing, money. These days it’s all about ticket sales, with the endless stream of sequels and remakes it’s apparent that if a franchise made at least a small amount of money in the past, you bet they’ll revive it. This year we have reboots of both the X-Men and Spider-Man franchises being released, both of which are less than 5 years old.  Last year we learned that director James Cameron is working on a post processed conversion of his 1997 release Titanic. Now the Hollywood Reporter reports that a post converted 3D version of Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace will be released to theaters on February 10th, 2012, the next film in the series being released the year after. Read the rest of this entry


A Mad as Hell Op-Ed Piece: The Super Dilemma

Hey all been away for awhile doing what I do…in a world in which I do it. With a plethora of Super movies on the way, it leaves me wondering is it too much???  Within the next two years the major names in comic book super heroes will be fighting it out in the superplex. Captain America, Thor, Xmen: First Class, Green Lantern, Batman, Spider-Man,The Avengers, and Wolverine.  A year ago the word on the street was that the superhero franchise was slowing down.  Making way for movies filled with realism and depth. That most certainly does not seem the case. Read the rest of this entry

What is a Good Summer??? (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

I’ve been hearing a ton about how this summer sucks. The movies aren’t where they should be, there isn’t a clear Oscar pick yet. My question is it’s been what two months or so since the Oscars???? What do you want? We have months to get that stuff together. Give them a chance. I keep hearing How to Train a Dragon will get the Coraline spot.  However other than that where are we??? We aren’t even 12 days into June is where we are.  Yeah MacGruber sucked…I knew it would. Read the rest of this entry

Offer made to Captain America (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

In a quick follow up to Mike’s earlier post, the offer has been made to the actor who will be Cap in the Capt. America film and The Avengers. Who is it you ask?? Well my condolences to those who wanted Jim from The Office, sorry it’s just not to be. The other report about Ryan Phillipe….Ehhhhhhh sorry. No the title role is offered to none other than Johnny Storm himself, Chris Evans (says The Hollywood Reporter). Yayyyyyyyyyyy. No? Ok I’m not too sure either. I don’t hate the pick, lets just get that out there. Evans doesn’t scream Cap to me. He barely survived as a member of The Fantastic Four. A movie, FYI, that I hated…both of them.

I’m eager to hear what you all think. I’m a huge Cap fan and the last thing I want is another Wolverine to put me to sleep. Fan boys…and girls sound off!!!

What Oscar Noms Got Right (Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

Ahhh yes leave it up to James Cameron to make a billion dollars, and still be whining about something. Sci Fi Wire has it that the Academy has been criticized by James Cameron and his lackey producer for not nominating Zoe Saldana for a best actress award. My response to this is…REALLY????? As an actor I find this disturbing. James Cameron was quoted as saying “People confuse what we have done with animation…It’s nothing like animation. The creator here is the actor, not the unseen hand of an animator.” No I’m sorry it’s not it doesn’t matter if they were wearing the funny suits. Read the rest of this entry

Academy…I Renounce Thee (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

The Academy Award Nominations have been announced.  The Best Picture category, the category that pretty much determines what will be nominated in most other categories, has swollen from five films to ten films this year.  The idea was that films that might be on the cusp, like 2008’s The Dark Knight, might stand a chance at the coveted award.   Read the rest of this entry

Avatar and The Future: Why Special Effects Aren’t Enough (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

This past couple of weeks has sparked an interesting debate. With the release of two holiday blockbusters (Avatar and Sherlock Holmes) the debate is all about substance vs. flash. This past Christmas eve I went to the midnight show of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes with two friends. Now these guys aren’t what you would call movie aficionados. In fact to give you an idea one of my friend’s favorite movies is Fast and the Furious. I’m sure I just misunderstand the genius of a Paul Walker. Read the rest of this entry

Scream 4 or More? I’m a Little Screamed Out, But Thanks (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

So the word is in. Scream 4 is officially in production, with Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette all officially signed on. Wes Craven is also in talks to direct; the whole gang is back on board! The whole gang minus, of course, my favorite actors in the series: Matthew Lillard, Jamie Kennedy and Liev Schreiber. They died in that order, and they were great characters who each added some subtle humor and charm to actors like Skeet Ulrich and Emily Mortimer who would belong more in a serious horror film. Don’t get me wrong, I think both of them are terrific actors (and I can’t say the same for some of the characters who have survived), but it stops being a spoof when you take yourself seriously. Read the rest of this entry

C-5 Ahh You Sank My Respect For Hollywood (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

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Disney buys Marvel….Great Just Great (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

So today in the news I read that The House of Mouse now owns some super heroes. Read the rest of this entry

Saw 6??? When Is Enough…..5 Sequels Too Many! (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

So little known fact about me….I love horror movies. I do I’m a big fan of the genre.  What isn’t a little known fact about me….I have a low tolerance for stupid crap.  Let alone stupid crap that costs ten bucks to see. So imagine my surprise when I saw a poster for Saw 6. I understand that people still go to see these things, but who is making them?

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It’s My Fault The Blair Witch Has Come Back (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

So there I was making fun of my friend Bernie’s ridiculous looking beard. I said that he looked like an independent film director. I also said all he need is a baseball hat, and at Halloween he can go as the guy who made The Blair Witch Project. He then asked me to repeat it because he didn’t hear me. Then he said it. Looking over on Latino Film Review I see that the makers of the original (not the sucky Book of Shadows or whatever) are making a true sequel.

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3-D Schmee-D (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

Am I the only one who doesn’t like or care if somethings in 3-D? I find myself sitting in a theater wearing glasses that frankly make me look stupid. I don’t think for a moment anything looks real enough to actually jump off the screen and get me. My favorite part is they talk about it like it’s a new thing. Now in Disney Digital 3-D!!! Blah blah blah! I saw Freddy’s Dead the Final Nightmare in 3-D. It didn’t scare me anymore then it would have in 2-D. In fact it really didn’t scare me at all.

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A Vampire Movie That May Not Suck (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

When did vampires become a reason for guys to wear eye liner? What’s more, what the hell is the deal with the Twilight vamps sparkling in the sunlight? I am not a fan of vampire revision.  I want it bloody, I want it cool. I do however enjoy the campy vamp movies. The original Buffy the Vampire Slayer, My Best Friends a Vampire, and the classic Jim Carrey film Once Bitten.

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Green Lantern Has Its Hero (Mad As Hell Op-Ed)

Alex Ross' Green Lantern

Well it’s all official Marvel’s sweetheart Ryan Reynolds, is playing both sides of the fence. With rumors like Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake, it turns out they were all wrong. Ryan Reynolds will be the Green Lantern. I for one am stoked. I dig Reynolds; he was most likely the best part of Blade 3. Well besides Jessica Biel in tight spandex…nothing beats that. This announcement gets us one step closer to a movie about one of the coolest, and most overlooked super heroes.

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Green Lantern Getting Closer To Its Brightest Day (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

With the DC comic book production company and Warner Brothers slowly removing their own heads from their collective asses, we’re starting to hear rumors about a Green Lantern movie. Now it’s my opinion that DC has a slew of good super heroes. What’s that? With a slew of good super heroes why are they only focusing on Superman and Batman? That brings me back to the head and asses thing. Well this week finally some news about the movie I’ve been waiting forever for DC to remember they owned the rights to.

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Summer Movies That More People Should Be Looking Forward To (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

I know it’s tough when there are so many blockbusters to be had in the summertime.   And I’m going to say this and be met with some resistance, but really, the blockbusters haven’t been all that great.  With the exception of Star Trek it’s been a pretty tepid summer.  So, here are the anti-blockbusters that you can see once you are tired of the mediocrity that has been left on our doorsteps this summer:

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To Remake or not To Remake? What is the point? (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

So I think Hollywood may have just given up. What???? You say. It’s true. Not a day goes by that as I look through the movie web sites that I enjoy news of some ridiculous remake. Could it be that every good idea has been done?? The art of movie and film peaked in the late 80’s and early to late 90’s? Really?  I grew up in the aforementioned period of time, and I’ll tell you we can do better. The list of movies being remade grows by the day. I’ll give you my favorites:

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