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The Spy Next Door (Lil Devil)

I admit it; when I see Jackie Chan’s name on anything, I’m instintly curious about what has he gotten himself into this time. In his latest release The Spy Next Door, he plays….wait for it….A Chinese National who has been “loaned” out to the CIA (at this point in time I’d like to point out that the likleyhood that the Chinese government would loan out anyone to the United States is beyond words I can use in a family friendly article). Yeah, raise your hand if you’ve scene a version of this before. Seriously though, Jackie is at home in the film. You get exactly what you expect from him; moments of unbelievable martial arts skill and the predictable slapstick. Read the rest of this entry


Slammin’ Salmon (Lil Devil)

Slammin’ Salmon is the latest comedy by the Broken Lizard crew. They’re the guys behind Super Troopers and Beerfest. Not as raunchy or out there as their earlier movies, Salmon is still a fun movie. Read the rest of this entry

The Blind Side (Lil Devil)

I’ll admit, I had no clue The Blind Side was based on an actual story till the ending credits rolled and they showed actual photos of the real life people portrayed in the film.  Call me out of the loop, or whatever, but football hasn’t always been a sport that I follow regularly.  However I must say after watching this movie I found myself looking to put a Baltimore Ravens game on and not to mention browse the internet to read more about Michael Oher. Read the rest of this entry

The Box (Lil Devil)

Rattling through my head is William Shatner’s voice saying “What’s in the box?! Come on! What’s in the box?!”  Well, I’ll tell you what’s in store for you if you go see The Box….. bad acting and terrible execution of a storyline that showed tiny flares of life (mainly at the end) but overall fizzles. Read the rest of this entry

The Ugly Truth (Lil Devil)

The ugly truth is that The Ugly Truth is neither ugly or beautiful…well maybe a bit more towards the ugly.  This movie plays like a typical run of the mill, cookie cutter film about girl meets boy, girl is disgusted by boy, eventually girls falls in love with boy.

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All About Steve (Lil Devil)

This weekend I went to see the film All About Steve, or as I like to call it, “an excuse to see previews for films I’d much rather be watching.”  What films did I see previews for, you ask:

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Halloween 2 (Lil Devil)

Halloween 2 (or gabillion, depending on who’s counting) is the sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Of course, Rob said there wouldn’t be a sequel when he made the first one. I’m not gonna call him out on it, because I think H2 is an entertaining horror movie. This movie mixes things up a bit by taking us into Michael Myer’s mind. Or what’s left of it. In the last movie, we saw how Michael came to be. Here we see what makes him work. Kind of odd at first. But, you get it fast if you pay attention. Read the rest of this entry

Moon (Lil Devil)

With the rise of CGI and its effect of making standard action movies huge blockbusters, there’s been a real lack in a favorite genre of mine: thought-provoking sci-fi. Some of my most treasured films fall into this category: The Matrix, Blade Runner and Minority Report. Finally, the industry has been blessed with another: Moon, starring Sam Rockwell and directed by Duncan Jones.

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500 Days of Summer

Yes, I am cheating again.  Soon people will wonder why we even have the Devil’s Advocate stipulations for reviewing movies if we’re not going to follow them.   Well, I reviewed multiple films this week so I’m giving myself a pass.

500 Days of Summer is a cautionary tale.  The moral of the story?  Don’t date cool, interesting people.  They always wind up way too cool and interesting to stay with you.  Actually, if anything, the film warns against building your life around a relationship, versus simply building your life.  And it turns out that this is a powerful and effective message.

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G-Force (Lil Devil)

This review is not only later than I had intended, but I’m also cheating.  I couldn’t find a single positive in Disney’s new live action/CGI hybrid, so I’m writing a Lil Devil so I’m not shackled by the regular Devil’s Advocates restrictions.

G-Force is Disney’s latest foray into the live action arena, and it is successful in one respect.  The film ventures into territory that actually displays a middle ground where the story is too complex for kids to enjoy and far too simple for the adults.  A complicated web of intrigue and espionage is in the forefront, with lots and lots of fart and poop jokes in the background.  Lowest common denominator jokes and gags, disguised as family entertainment.

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Push DVD (Lil Devil Review)

Push gives us something seldom seen in a film about superpowered individuals. We get a fresh perspective, with individuals we have never seen before. The abilities are nothing new. The characters however are and we get to see them from start to finish (finish, if there are no sequels that is). And it is a good feeling, because now the anticipatory aspects (when will Wolverine pop his claws or will the Hulk yell out “HULK SMASH”) that come with watching an already “established” superhero film are gone.

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The Brothers Bloom (Lil Devil)

So…this is my first one of these. Big thanks to Monnie for alerting me to his awesome site, and to Mike for bringing me into the fold. Hope you enjoy it.

Con artists have always fascinated cinema. After all, what is the vast audience always ready for in a serious film? The twist ending! (Did you hear the alternate ending to Terminator Salvation? But back to the topic at hand.) One of my favorite directors has a particular interest in confidence games: David Mamet. The famous playwright (“Glengarry Glen Ross”) has a slew of films under both his writing and directing belts, and a good number deal with hustlers: House of Games, The Spanish Prisoner, and his most recent, Redbelt.

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The Proposal (Lil Devil)

Ok short and sweet. So with Transformers:  Revenge of The Fallen out and about to take over the weekly box office I wanted to make mention of last week’s winner. The Proposal is a movie about two people who hate each other at first, then fall in love. I know this seems something new for Hollywood but bear with me.

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Land of The Lost (Lil Devil Review)

I don’t know what I expected.   Land of The Lost wasn’t exactly The Sopranos of the sci-fi world.  Hell, it wasn’t even The Tortellis (if you get that reference, get checked out immediately).   The premise was cheesy and still is on the big screen.  The updated effects are just that.  They don’t enhance anything.  In fact, audiences of a certain age will see it simply as today’s standard.

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