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Devil’s Playground: Movies to See Before Ixpiyacoc Comes

Friends, Ixpiyacoc is coming. The world is supposed to end on December 21 of this year (12/21/12, get it? Get it?), so you have only a short time left to watch movies. What I have for you here is a schedule for your pre-apocalypse film-watching schedule. You do four/month, then two in December. You can do it; I believe in you. I believe in you so hard. Read the rest of this entry


Fracture (2007) DVD (Just For The Hell Of It)

Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) murders his wife upon discovering she is having an affair, then, after phoning the police to tell them what he has done, waits for them to arrive.

A vengeful husband, found at the scene of his wife’s murder, a murder to which he has willingly confessed. Surely, it should be a simple open and shut case?

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Devil’s Playground: 2011 Top 10

Welcome to my first weekly column. You may know me from being the goofy one on many of the fine Devil’s Advocates podcasts featured on this very site. Here I will talk about movies; you like ’em, I like ’em, they sometimes like us? (I don’t know where I was going with that.) Basically, this column is a way for us to get outside the normal site format of just reviewing movies. We’ll talk about what makes ’em tick, weird trends and habits, all kinds of fun stuff.  Read the rest of this entry

Event Horizon DVD (Just For The Hell Of It)

Event Horizon is a favorite film of mine for many reasons. Chief amongst those reasons is the attention to detail within the film. Rather like Alien and Aliens, great efforts have been put in to the costuming and equipment shown on-screen. Each member of the crew on the Lewis and Clark has their name and medical information on their shirt, to aid in the event of an emergency situation. Their space suits actually look like they should work, with their simplistic design and the little lights on the side of the boots that signal magnetic lock. Everything is, well, practical, when it comes to the rescue craft and its crew. They feel like a unit, with their little jokes and jibes, and Fishburne as the no-nonsense Captain Miller feels perfect as their leader. Even when he is bouncing around in the coolest command chair this side of the Enterprise’s he gives of an air of cool calm. That is, until they arrive at their destination.

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Dagon DVD (Just For The Hell Of It)

I am a huge H.P Lovecraft fan. I discovered his world of indescribable and unspeakable terrors at a tender age, and was instantly fascinated by the ancient gods and eldritch creatures that inhabited the mind of this undeniable brilliant man. His blend of horror, sci-fi, suspense and terror was just the thing the mind of a young wulf such as myself needed, and in no time I was hooked.

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Clue DVD (Just For The Hell Of It)

This for me is the best film of Tim Curry’s career. His performance as Wadsworth, the butler of Hill House herding the guests of a dinner party turned murder scene is one of the most frenetic examples of scene stealing I’ve ever seen. Even ammongst all the screaming, intentional over the top acting and insanity, Curry stands out as the star performer. That doesn’t mean that the other performers are slouches. Each one of the actors portraying the guests at the mysterious dinner party play their part with comic skill not often seen in today’s comedy films.

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Reign Of Fire DVD (Just For The Hell of It)

A really “Marmite” of a film, this post-apocalyptic dragon yarn delivers a nice slice of B-Movie fare, though its character-based rather than balls to the wall attitude to storytelling seems to infuriate many.

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Happy Anniversary To Us

That’s right folks, it was one year ago today that our first film reviews went live. We were in our infancy stage and can now consider ourselves in the toddler stage.

To commemorate the event, Naveen had the brilliant idea of going around and taking photos of ourselves in front of movie posters, for films that we’re anticipating (in some cases, not so much). Read the rest of this entry

The Foot Fist Way (Just For The Hell Of It)

If you’ve ever been inside of any kind of martial arts school or a lot of gyms, then this movie is for you. Something about that community of guys that tends to bring out the worst in some people. Maybe, it’s the testosterone, male insecurities or lots of sweat. In real life that can be annoying to be around. It gets old fast. In The Foot Fist Way it’s exactly that type of tough guy meat head mentality that makes this movie one of the best dark comedies I’ve ever seen. Read the rest of this entry

Chaser DVD Review (Just For The Hell of It)

Chugyeoja (The Chaser) is a 2008 Korean suspense/ thriller film, about a shady ex- detective; Joong- Ho Eom (Yee- Seok Kim) turns pimp, trying to run a failing escort service, he comes to the conclusion that the “working girls” he employed are skipping out without paying him his cut of their services. Rapidly losing “employees” and not getting paid, Joong starts to believe that it’s more than coincidence. Coming across a re-occurring cell number linked to the women who have gone missing, he sends out one of the last of his working girls Mi-Jin Kim ( Yeong -Hie Seo). Mi- Jin enters what seems to be the home of a single man Young – Min Jee (Jung- Woo Ha) and turns out he’s more than just guy looking for an escort Girl. And in this roller coaster of a non- stop thriller, Joong has to find his missing working girls and and unravel the mystery of the disappearances. Read the rest of this entry

G.I Joe: Resolute DVD (Just For The Hell Of It)

G.I . Joe: Resolute is an animated movie that was originally aired as 10 minute episodes on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. It’s a fresh approach to the franchise, with a realistic take on the action and intrigue.  It’s written by Warren Ellis (The Authority, Planetary), one of the greatest, mad genius’ of comic book writers and what he brings to the franchise changes it while keeping it as fun as it ever was. Read the rest of this entry

Jennifer’s Body Lead In (Just For The Hell Of It)

31-year-old Brook Busey, distinguished former stripper for the city of Minneapolis, famous American screenwriter and blogger, and all-around vixen badass is better known by moviegoers as Diablo Cody. Some of you may have seen her style in the Oscar-award winning screenplay, Juno – the story of a teenage girl who accidentally gets pregnant and is forced to go through high school while simultaneously entering motherhood. Well, now Cody has another screenplay on the market – avid horror flick lovers await the release of Jennifer’s Body on Friday September 18th, 2009.

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Bottle Shock (Just For The Hell of It)

While enjoying a wine tour in Napa Valley, California on my honeymoon last month, the tour guide talked to us about a film called Bottle Shock. She and another couple on the the tour raved about it and how it shows how Californian Wine got on the map. Naturally I had to check it out after falling in love with the Napa Valley area.

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