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Director Spotlight Revisited: Midnight in Paris

The very first Director Spotlight we did on this website was Woody Allen, starting with Annie Hall and ending with Vicky Cristina Barcelona.  Annie Hall got me on a path of reverence for the neurotic comic genius that is Allen.  Since Annie Hall, my first real introduction to his work, I have watched a number of his films, each with a different lens, each with a different outcome.  Now, today, I have the pleasure of discussing his latest comic opus, Midnight in Paris. Read the rest of this entry


Director Spotlight: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vicky Cristina Barcelona Woody Allen Love Sex Passion Relationships Perspectives Good.

Okay so I wanted that line to be my review, but sadly it was considered unacceptable by my Devil’s Advocates peers, however witty it may have been in my eyes. Man, honestly though, Woody Allen is a genius. It is no wonder that this film was nominated for so many awards (too many to list here, IMDB it!); it is a masterpiece of sorts. This film is yet another affirmation that Woody Allen is a master of relationship studies.

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Director Spotlight: Match Point

So the fiancee and I sat down the other day & watched Woody Allen’s 2005 flick Match Point.  It’s been years since I saw any of it.  I almost forgot how well Allen can write and direct. I haven’t always been a fan of his work, but here is a prime example of pure quality work.  The opening scene itself using tennis as an analogy for life and as a set-up reference for the end was quite a nice touch.

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Director Spotlight: A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy

Going from Annie Hall to A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy is like going from Crème Brûlée to a Little Debbie’s Snack Cake.  Both are enticing treats, but one…well, it’s Crème Brûlée.

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Director Spotlight: Annie Hall

Up until recently I had zero experience with Woody Allen.   Then, for some odd reason, I decided to cut my teeth on the film Cassandra’s Dream, which really did nothing for me.   Shortly after that I watched, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which I enjoyed and decided that I must look into his more critically acclaimed films.  Once the decision was made, I went straight to the top and watched Annie Hall, one of Allen’s undisputed masterpieces.

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Director Spotlight: Woody Allen

Starting on Wednesday, each week in June (hopefully) we will give you a review of a Woody Allen film.  The first movie reviewed will be Annie Hall with the others still TBD.  These reviews will be spoiler filled and DA free (just straight reviews without the opposing views).

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