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Dagon DVD (Just For The Hell Of It)

I am a huge H.P Lovecraft fan. I discovered his world of indescribable and unspeakable terrors at a tender age, and was instantly fascinated by the ancient gods and eldritch creatures that inhabited the mind of this undeniable brilliant man. His blend of horror, sci-fi, suspense and terror was just the thing the mind of a young wulf such as myself needed, and in no time I was hooked.

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The Troll Hunter DVD

“We need a change in troll management.”

The last few years have brought some great ideas and movies from Europe. The [rec] movies and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Millennium trilogy) are both good examples of this. Now I’d say you can add The Troll Hunter to that list. A mix of horror comedy and mockumentary, The Troll Hunter is a fun horror movie with a great imagination and an even better sense of humor.

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Carriers DVD Review

Now I know what you’re thinking, Oh no! Here’s another movie about, a post-apocalyptic, near future, world, where the world’s population is plagued by a pandemic caused by a viral infection creating zombie like symptoms. OK, on the surface the film may seem that way, but let me tell you why I think this movie is worth taking a look at. Even though this may look like another zombie/ viral horror knock- off, there is a slight difference, rather than the film makers concentrating on the zombies, or even the viral infection, the main focus is on the consequences the situation may cause. Think Zombieland, (which if you haven’t seen it yet, it is highly recommended among the Reviewers here @ DA) yet more serious, and a lot less zombie killing, not to say there isn’t any just think that the film does not make it the purpose of the movie. Read the rest of this entry

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan DVD

I’ll admit it, I jumped onto the Battlestar Galactica bandwagon late.  The show was just about to air Season 4 when I decided to give it a shot.  After hearing nothing but positive reviews of the show and constant talk on the forum board on Comic Geek Speak, I decided not having the SciFi, or now SyFy, channel wasn’t going to stop me.  I rented the first disc of the first season which was set as a mini-series and was instantly hooked.  I went on a massive dvd marathon and was caught up by the end of the first half of season 4, dubbed season 4.0, and was eagerly awaiting for the 2nd half of the final season. Read the rest of this entry

Sunshine Cleaning DVD

Expectations were high for me going into watching Sunshine Cleaning.  After-all it is from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine, which I absolutely loved.  While director Christine Jeffs didn’t quite hit those expectations, she did deliver a real heart warming film. Read the rest of this entry

Underworld: Rise of The Lycans DVD (Devil’s Advocate Review)

I enjoy vampire lore quite a bit, but when it comes down to mythical beasts, werewolves rank tops with me.  So, by that rationale,  Underworld: Rise of The Lycans ought to be the most appealing of the three Underworld films for me.  Unfortunately, the Lycans are awfully mistreated and it does not sit well with me.

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