Underworld: Awakening

The going trend for movie series is that by the fourth film is that it’s not a matter of more story telling to be had but just more money for Hollywood to make.  The stories tend to dwell off original course or tend to re-tell what has been told in a slightly different way.  Well…with the fourth installment in the Underworld series, Underworld: Awakening is the dwell off original course type.  Don’t get me wrong the premise of vampires versus werewolves is still the main focus but the element of human involvement takes a step forward here.

Kate Beckinsale returns as Selene for her third time around in black leather.  The last film in the series was a prequel not involving her character.  She is actually the only returning actor from any of the previous films.  Besides from the opening flashback re-telling story scene and a Scott Speedman look-a-like she is the only character as well.  After viewing the film, I felt the Resident Evil vibe here which is not a good thing in my opinion.  What I mean by this that the story is getting away the original source and going into obscure directions just to progress storyline.  Plus introducing new characters without really keeping the original ones besides the main one.

This is a great picture, 3 things here are smoking.

Directors Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein share the helm and start off the film with showing via television newscast what takes place after humans find out about the other two races that live among them. After brief altercations involving Selene, we get a time jump 12 years later to see what has happened.  As it turns out Selene was incapacitated and unaware of the happenings….again like the main character Alice in Resident Evil going from the first to second films.  After her awakening, as the title dictates, we watch as she pieces everything together and eventually get back to vampires versus werewolves as it should be.

Underworld: Awakening really to me was a movie that didn’t need to be made.  It progressed the film into a direction not needed to be told and actually weakens the series in my eyes.  The acting was sub par, Beckinsale was acceptable but really didn’t offer much more than eye candy both with her outfit and the hundreds of bullets she shot out with the dual guns she equips.  Providing supporting acting is Stephen Rea, Michael Ealy, Theo James, and Kris Holden-Ried amongst others including child actor India Eisley.  Rea and Holden-Ried provide the bad guy element with wooden stale acting while Ealy and James provide the ally element just the same way.  Eisley came off as she just was released from the well in The Ring and really didn’t provide much to the film as the daughter of Selene and the vampire/werewolf hybrid Michael.

I really wanted to like this film more than I did because I love the series and the characters that we have seen previously.  However I just can’t give it more than 2 pitchforks and that is semi generous.


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