Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Five years after the last Mission: Impossible mission Ethan Hunt returns for another assignment and yes he chose to accept it.  Of course once again Tom Cruise is back as Hunt and shows us once again no mission is impossible.

Not to buck the trend from the previous installments Ghost Protocol gets a new director to helm this film.  To say the director for this one is surprising is an understatement.  Brad Bird takes over this time around.  The surprising part is that Bird has previously just did animation films such as Ratatouille, The Incredibles, and The Iron Giant plus a couple of television episodes of The Simpsons.  Honestly, the transition for him was flawless.  I couldn’t tell he is new to live action films nevertheless action films.  Like any Mission: Impossible film the action is a main focus and the action here is intense.  From scaling the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa of Dubai to infiltrating the Kremlin in Moscow, and having a chase scene in a sandstorm amongst other scenes this film will give any action junkie a fix.  Visuals here are outstanding.

These 4 people chose a mission and accepted it, to save the holiday season with a great action film to see.

Starting with a prison break we see the newest IMF team assembled and put into action.  Hunt leading his new team consisting of Benji Dunn and Jane Carter embark to Moscow where a mission gone wrong has them picking up another member in William Brandt.  Dunn is played by Simon Pegg who brings the element of comic relief.  The crazy thing is that Pegg does a great job making you believe he can pull off being a field agent at times which is hard to do because of his goofiness and past roles.  Paula Patton sizzles as the female lead here as Carter.  She is stunning and packs a punch.  The chemistry between Carter and Hunt was great which made me believe they may have gone somewhere with it but didn’t.  As we know from M:I III Hunt has a wife, but her story isn’t revealed right away.  The other big name here of course if you seen any trailers is Jeremy Renner who plays analyst Brandt.  After a scene where Hunt sees Brandt in action we learn he has a skills package unlike your typical analyst.

Renner is great here.  I enjoyed how he first played a guy out of his league and put into a situation out of his control and quickly adapts.  Renner quickly became Hollywood’s newest star and is lining up the roles left and right.  The Hurt Locker may have been his breakout role but I enjoyed his acting since S.W.A.T. in 2003.  I’m looking forward to see him in next year’s The Avengers as Hawkeye.  As far Cruise, he doesn’t miss a beat stepping into this role.  I, amongst other people, may not be on the same page with his personal life but there is no denying his stardom when it comes to certain projects.  For a man who is going to be fifty next year, you couldn’t tell.  Like before, he even did a majority of his own stunts which is equally impressive.

If there is anything that may bring the overall film down a bit is the villain.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no complaints about the acting of Michael Nyqvist (Daniel Craig’s role from the original The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series).  Nyqvist does great but really doesn’t get big role in my opinion.  Instead of focusing on hero vs. villain, Bird focus’ on the hero and his team completing their mission.

Look for cameos here including a Tom Wilkinson as an IMF Secretary plus a couple of others.  Overall Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol was every bit enjoyable as I hoped for.


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  1. I loved it. I’m a big fan of all of Brad Bird’s previous movies, and I thought he perfectly nailed this one. And not to take anything away from Cruise’s performance in this, but I thought Pegg and Renner stole this movie.

  2. I just saw this movie…literally. And I loved it. It was a blast. It had smart dialogue, intrigue, excellent fight choreography, and the comedy was so natural. Who knew Renner could be so funny?

    We need to do an episode on this bad boy soon.

  3. Like I said, Renner is becoming Hollywood’s newest Star and it shows. I even just re-watched The Town last night. He is the real deal.

  4. If they decide to continue the franchise with Renner in the forefront, that’s cool and all, but I really want to see a prequel film with Josh Holloway’s character. I’d pay to see that, as long as Abrams is involved.

    • That would be interesting, I didn’t get to talk about Holloway in my review but if we do a Podcast episode I will. I found his character interesting enough.
      A prequel of Renner’s character would be cool to, especially about the incident that they discussed in the film.

  5. Joe, we could have the best of both worlds in one film. Why not have the Renner/Guard storyline running parallel to a story with Holloway’s Hannaway (funny stuff, huh)? Though I think they will transition Cruise out and Renner in and make a new set of films with Renner in the lead role. That is, of course, if they don’t do the same thing in the Bourne series with Renner. I can’t see them making him the star of two major, competing, spy franchises.

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