Arthur Christmas

I don’t always get to go the theaters for animated movies since I don’t have any kids myself currently so when I do go it sometimes is a treat and makes me feel like a kid again.  Plus with me being so busy lately and lacking time for Christmas movie watching, I was excited to be able to see Arthur Christmas.  It came done to that or Puss in Boots but thankfully the kids I was with selected this.  Nothing against Puss in Boots but I wanted to get into the holiday spirit.

Yes folks, these fellows run Christmas.....ugh.

For me when it comes to animated movies the fun part is to try to guess the voices of the characters on the screen.  It can be quite amusing when the real-life actor voices a character so opposite to themselves.  The lean and buff James McAvoy voices Arthur, a tall skinny buffoon of a guy, who is Santa’s youngest son.  What Arthur lacks in overall talent and skill he makes up for in Christmas spirit.  He is actually quite opposite of his older brother Steve, a buffed up character who is voiced by the scrawny Hugh Laurie.  Hmm, funny how these two are so different from their real-life selves huh?!

The plot of the story takes place on Christmas and dictates how different things are now in the North Pole in the age of technology.  Santa is no more than a figure-head, the face of Christmas, while Steve basically runs things with the elves.  The problem is when a single gift wasn’t delivered, Steve cares more about covering it up and making his numbers than actually trying to deliver the bicycle.  Fortunately for the little girl, Arthur cares about nothing else BUT making sure when that girl wakes up Christmas morning she has a gift under her tree.  Helping him on his quest are Grandsanta (Bill Nighy) with an aged reindeer and a gift-wrapping nut of an elf Bryony (Ashley Jensen).

Like most animated movies nowadays Arthur Christmas is not just for kids but for adults as well.  There are jokes that will go over kids heads and things we would catch that they won’t.  The underlined theme here is of family chaos and an inner struggle to see who will be on top or should I say who will be the next Santa.

Overall Arthur Christmas is enjoyable by all.  It may not be Pixar great but there are no complaints from me.


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