The Sitter

The Sitter – this generation’s answer to Adventures in Babysitting – may be our last glimpse of the spherical Jonah Hill. And based on the trailer for 21 Jump Street, perhaps those worried about the correlation between weight loss and funny loss may be right.

Parents, would you trust this man with your children?!

Everything and everyone surrounding Hill in The Sitter is unnecessary. He doesn’t so much as interact with other characters as uses them as a soundboard for slinging quips and observations. But, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Contrarily, Hill’s dialogue is the saving grace, the lone reason to see a movie that’s already been made before (and made better).

Sam Rockwell makes an appearance as a stereotypical drug dealer; best friend one moment, hostile hot-head the next. It is disappointing Rockwell doesn’t do more in this role, seeing as he is given a lot of room to roam.  (His choice in drug-lord bodyguards, however, is a nice touch.)

The impetus behind Hill’s night on the town is so ridiculous it must be tongue-in-cheek. A reason created merely to set the wacky hijinks ball in motion; and a very lazy one at that. The Sitter quickly hits all of the set pieces one would expect, with an added dose of pathos thrown in for good measure. Life lessons are learned and Hill comes out a better man in the end. The plot is a paint-by-numbers project used only to get the gang into the next “outrageous” scenario.

Fun fact: the phone number given on the promotional poster is real. Give it a try to see what you get.


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