Genre Spotlight (Secret Santa): Go

Just so we’re clear, you stole a car, shot a bouncer, and had sex with two women?

When I found out that 1999’s Go was bestowed on me for this month’s spotlight my first thoughts were of excitement. Partly due to the fact that I haven’t viewed this film since that year and I do recall liking it and partly because I received what I deemed was a decent film in our Secret Santa genre month.  Truth be told, before reviewing it I wouldn’t be able to tell you nothing about the plot other than Katie Holmes and Sarah Polley being grocery store employees and Timothy Olyphant being a drug dealer, everything else was a complete blur.

Easily one of the best scenes to watch, too bad you have to wait till the end to see it.

Fresh off from directing 1996’s Swingers, Doug Liman takes the helm here.  If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he produced all three Bourne movies as well as directing the first one.  It’s difficult for me to tell you if the strength of this film is the directing or the acting, both are done very well.  The way Liman shot the film was clever and cut beautifully.  Taking a page from 1994’s Pulp Fiction, Go is broken into three parts all based around a drug deal.  Each part focus’ on different characters and start from the same point then continue in different directions but ultimately intertwine.

Like I mentioned, the directing was real good but the acting was right there with it.  My favorite by far is Timothy Olyphant.  He is excels in his role and has great chemistry with Katie Holmes’s character.  His facial expressions are priceless in two scenes, the Miata scene and the apartment scene at the end.  He shows way he is such a great actor.  Holmes was best known as a television actress at the time when this film came out and transitions well onto the big screen here.  Unfortunately for her she really hasn’t been to match that presence on the silver screen sense.  She played her character with great innocence and was a joy to watch.

As I re-watched this film for the first time in over ten years I forgot about all the depth in actors Go had. Taye Diggs, Scott Wolf, Jay Mohr, Breckin Meyer were all joys to watch.  Another one of my favorite supporting actors William Fichtner was even in this as a cop with a shady alternative motive side that is not what you expect.  Yes the main focus here can be centered around drugs but it really is about the Gen-X era and how lives can be easily looped together and how much it is a fun ride to watch….oh, and drugs.

I enjoyed Go and am kicking myself for waiting so long to re-watch it.


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