The Muppets

After a decade-plus absence from the big screen, those loveable Muppets triumphantly return in, you guessed it, The Muppets. And those Muppets are as self-aware as ever, taking their Hollywood and mainstream hiatus as a reason to rally the troops for a welcome comeback.

As loyal fans of ' How I Met Your Mother ' know, Jason Segel is not one you want to learn brushing etiquette from.

Jason Segel (also a co-writer) and Amy Adams chaperone Walter (Segel’s Muppet brother) on his quest to meet his heroes, hitting some relationship bumps along the way as Segel gets caught up in Muppet nostalgia. The love thread quickly fades to the background and mainly serves as a way for Adams to stay in the movie longer than ten minutes.

The Muppets sticks with the tried-and-true Muppet formula, sprinkling in mini cameos (Feist, Zach Galifianakis, Jim Parsons, and others), breaking into joyful musical acts, and a heavy dose of physical comedy. And why shy away from a product that works? The cameos are fun without being distracting and Bret McKenzie’s (half of HBO’s Flight of the Conchords) original songs are light and clever. The lone dud in the bunch is a stilted Chris Cooper rap complete with bouncing karaoke subtitles; I can only hope McKenzie was not a part of this.

In the end a valuable lesson is learned and the Muppets are primed for a return to stardom. Walter has learned to follow his dreams and become a full-fledged member of the felt brigade. The Muppets easily plays to all ages: those that fondly remember Kermit and the gang, and those experiencing them for the first time (making a new generation of fans in the process). Let’s hope the new team can keep the steam going and it won’t be another ten years until the next one.


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