Immortals (Devil’s Advocates Review)

Immortals is a remake of Clash Of The Titans set in Mickey Rourke’s 1980’s Los Angeles apartment that….Wait. It’s not a remake? Really!?!? I have to start this review over.

Immortals is the sequel to the mostly forgettable Troy. Like Troy, this movie….What?!?! Again?!? It’s not a sequel to Troy? But, it’s got…And….It’s….I am so confused now. Please, forgive this reviewer as I try this again.

Right! I think I’ve got it now.

Rene's true reason to see Immortals. He is a huge Twilight fan and couldn't pass up seeing Kellan Lutz even if he isn't a vampire in this film.

Immortals is the latest sword & sandals fantasy movie to hit the theaters. Ever since 300 became an unexpected hit at the box office in 2006, we’ve been getting a lot of these movies whether we want them or not. They’re fun and mostly mindless with a lot of grunting, violence and men fighting over something (women, a country or suitable landmass, magical bows and arrows, whatever). These movies typically have a lot of special-effects and not much story. But, with abs and special effects like the ones on display in these movies, who cares if there’s no story?

Immortals is more of the same. This time the story is about King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) and his quest for revenge against the Greek gods. Hyperion thinks the gods have forsaken mankind and he wants to give them a piece of his mind while wearing what can only be described as Donnie Darko’s other mask. Trying to stop Hyperion is Theseus (Henry Cavill), who has been tutored by the Greek god Zeus in human form (John Hurt) on how to fight like a ninja on steroids. All of this is mixed in with some great action scenes and CGI special-effects. Mainly, Mickey Rourke’s plastic face.

In reality, this movie was mediocre at best and ruined by Rourke’s performance as Hyperion. Immortals could have been a good movie. It has an excellent cast and the story behind Immortals is what Clash Of The Titans should have been to begin with. Some of the action sequences and unique touches that director Tarsem Singh (who also directed The Cell and The Fall) bring to the genre stand out. The movie looks beautiful. Cavill and (Frieda Pinto) both give good performances. But, it’s not enough the elevate the movie past mediocre and Mickey Rourke is so out-of-place in this he stopped the movie for me completely.

Here’s the thing about all of the 300 clones that they just don’t understand in Hollywood: 300 was actually a good movie. That’s why it was such a hit. People don’t give that movie or it’s director Zack Snyder the credit they’re due.

Immortals is worth seeing at home. Once.


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