Footloose (2011)

My wife and I decided to cut loose and put on our Sunday shoes and make our way to the theaters.  27 years after Kevin Bacon danced his way onto the silver screen Hollywood brings us another remake.  This time it was the dancing sensation Footloose.

As I begin my review I just want to say it’s been years since I saw the original 1984 version so not all my comparisons will be deep in-depth.  Most of the changes are subtle.  Mainly because this version is a modern one so as we all know technology has come long ways since the 80’s.  For example: an iPod was used instead of a Walkman in scenes.

I don't think Ryan Seacrest would like to see Keeny Wormald moving in on his woman like this.

For those familiar with the original you will realize the plot is virtually the same.  The only difference really is just some of the details.  Small town Bomont still gets Ren MacCormack stirring up trouble with his dancing and rebellious attitude but now this city slicker hails from Beantown not Chi-Town.  MacCormack still comes to a town where dancing is forbidden in public due to a tragedy that claimed some kids after a party one night which caused the townspeople to put in effect some new laws in their attempts to “protect” their youth.

Kenny Wormald takes over for Kevin Bacon as MacCormack and I must say, he looks like a spitting image of a young Bacon right down to the core.  His style is identical such as looks and even mannerisms.  I was impressed to say the least. Playing opposite of him is Julianne Hough playing Ariel Moore, a role Lori Singer originated.  With her Dancing with the Stars background she was a great choice for the role.  With her looks and style, she reminds me of a young Jennifer Aniston.

When it came to the characters here, I enjoyed Wormald and Hough but I have to give Dennis Quaid kudos for playing Ariel’s father Rev. Shaw Moore.  I was skeptical of anyone doing any role that John Lithgow played.  I absoluting love Lithgow and have trouble picturing anyone doing any role better or even equal of him.  Quaid does well playing the Reverend and gives an equally charged performance as Lithgow.  Another role I wasn’t sure about is of Willard Hewitt.  The late Christopher Penn played the hillbilly youth and excelled.  Unfortunately his career didn’t and in my opinion neither did Miles Teller’s performance either.

I haven’t been a fan of the dancing theme that has hit Hollywood over the years such as the Step-Up series or Save the Last Dance movies or even the television shows highlighting as such like Hough’s Dancing with the Stars or You Think You Can Dance but I did enjoy Footloose.  To be honest, I may have not liked it if it wasn’t for the ’84 version but still liked it.


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