The Cottage

Half bungled kidnap movie, half comedy horror, The Cottage is out-and-out fun, with a surprisingly good showing from Ellison as Tracey, the extremely foul-mouthed daughter of a gangster kidnapped by David (Andy Serkis) and Peter (Reece Shearsmith) and taken to a remote cottage where the two brothers plan to hide out and wait for their ransom money to arrive.

This young lady has a quality most men really like in a woman.......she can take care of herself in a fight.

Instead, they get more than they bargain for, as first Chinese hit-men, sent by Tracey’s enraged father, and then a disfigured homicidal maniac from an abandoned farm nearby, all turn up to make their life hell, and the two would be kidnappers and their victim have to team up to survive.

I absolutely love this film. Its mix of horror, gore and comedy really ticks all my good time boxes, and the chemistry between Serkis and Shearsmith really makes their scenes a dream to watch. Jennifer Ellison is a revelation, and from the moment she opens her mouth and threatens her kidnappers with the type of language that would shock even the most hardened of dock workers, she does nothing but entertain. The two brothers have absolutely no idea to control the violent hellcat that is Tracey, and watching them try to contain the ever worsening situation is fantastic, as the ransom is unpaid and they realize that her father knows who they are and has sent two rather sadistic hit-men to take back his daughter and kill them, in as painful a way as possible.

And then the seven-foot hulking deformed psycho turns up, and things go from bad to  insane.

Limbs are hacked off, people slaughtered in horrendous ways, and the film becomes an english tribute to likes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes, while still retaining the humor that fills The Cottage’s first half.

Featuring some great deaths, fantastic dialogue and hysterical characters, The Cottage should be essential viewing for horror fans and fans of comedy horror, and is British backwoods’ survival horror at its very best.


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