Episode 89: Drive

This week the Advocates go for a ride with Ryan Gosling at the helm, as they talk Drive.

Listen as they discuss polarizing violence, Carey Mulligan, and 80’s synth pop.

Give us a listen because we have a license to thrill…but mostly drive.

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About Pamp

Pamp is a lover of great scotch, good films, and bad fiction. When not playing video games or reading comics, he occasionally helps teens figure out "things and stuff". On a good day he does all three at once.

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  1. Michael Mann is a good comparison. Everything – the synth soundtrack, the titles, the clothes, the cars, the characters – made me think 80s Michael Mann (of course, in the way of most “retro” things, taking the best elements of/making the best version of it). I really loved the long, dialogue-less shots, the lighting, the mood and vibe, everything. Really awesome movie.

    Carey Mulligan – “An Education” is really good, and the “pedophilic tendencies” that Jonathan mentioned are actually the whole point of the movie. And yes, “Never Let Me Go” was one of the best movies last year, and she was great in it.

    I actually never really cared for Ryan Gosling, but after this summer I’m reevaluating.

    And the Great Wall restaurant on Sherman Way! That was my family’s “place” through the 80s/90s! It looks like they shot in the actual place and parking lot, too (though admittedly, all Chinese restaurants basically look the same on the inside).

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