Devil’s DVD Disappointment: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

To say the hype and expectations for the third movie in the Transformers movie series were greater than the previous installment would be an understatement. After disappointing reactions from Revenge of the Fallen, even Michael Bay himself acknowledged that he was going to do what he can to make Dark of the Moon superior to its predecessor.

As an avid Transformers fan growing up I was geared up to see my favorite Cybertron robots clash once more in battle. Back in ’07 when the first movie hit the theaters I didn’t know what to expect other to see the Autobots take on the Decepticons. I was so psyched I personally wasn’t thinking about how any of the movie was going to unfold as far as acting and action. Two years later when the sequel hit, I went in with a similar mentality. I wanted to see giant robots throw down. It was a summer popcorn movie and that’s how I treated it. Expectations were met. I got to witness mindless action without much thought. I know Revenge of the Fallen has been slammed by most people but I can honestly say I enjoyed it because I never expected more than what was actually given.

Dark of the Moon made news in a few ways before opening night even came. Bay with his claim he would make this superior was just one thing to hit the media. The war of words between Bay and actress Megan Fox was followed with her firing that was front page news when it came to this picture. I’m not going to dwell on this but just want to make note of this fact to give an example of the publicity the film had before it came out.

This what happens when before shooting Michael Bay watches the movie Mad Max.

As far as the movie goes, the first two movies ran pretty long just as this one did. However T3 was bogged down drastically.The first hour or so was spent giving background of Cybertron and the robot war. Really?! The third movie in the series and we are still doing extensive background story. I wouldn’t mind a bit of story here and there but Bay seemed to focus a good portion of the first half with this. Bay could have had easily trimmed the movie down with certain scenes and frankly certain characters all together. I like Kevin Dunn but there was no need whatsoever for him and Julie White to return as Sam Witwicky’s parents. Ken Jeong, trying to make his quota of 12-15 films per year, is pointless in a minor role while I felt John Malkovich did well in most scenes he appeared in. Alan Tudyk was a delight. He appeared just enough that his character while meaningless in the big picture of things brought humor that felt pure compared to some of his co-stars.

The movie starts out with showing Sam Witwicky (Shia Labeouf) struggling in life. While now with a new girlfriend (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) Sam is jobless and jilted that his 15 minutes of fame is over with little to no one caring what he has done in the past. Meanwhile after news of a crash landing on the moon, the Autobots working with the government uncover a long secretive discovery of a ship containing Optimus Prime’s predecessor Sentinel Prime. Along with Sentential is a device that is a transportation device. This becomes the main focal point of the film and mayhem ensues.

Acting wise, LaBeouf annoyed me in this film. I felt it was a step back in character development as he whined throughout. Certain scenes had him over-the-top with the damsel in distress act. Yes I’m referring to him as the damsel in distress. He was put in danger and needed saving more than Huntington-Whiteley did. Speaking of which, it is pretty obvious of her background as she strutted throughout the film like a model not an actress. Of course the main attraction here is the robots so the human actors are side characters but I wanted a bit more this time around. Series regulars Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, and John Turturro return and offer more of the same they brought before. Patrick Dempsey was so-so. I wasn’t wowed by his performance but didn’t feel underwhelmed at the same time.

I do have to give credit when credit is due, Bay sure knows how to blow things up. When the action in the 2nd half kicks in, it doesn’t let down. The CGI was not over-the-top as much as previous films and while still at times unbelievable, was used effectively. Overall I enjoyed the film, especially Leonard Nimoy as the voice of Sentinel Prime. Along with Peter Cullen and Hugo Weaving supplying the voices of Optimus and his great nemesis Megatron, Nimoy was great to hear and gives a demanding voice. The drawback for me though, is that while I enjoyed the film for the most part, there were too many things Bay could have done differently to give the viewers a better viewing. I felt let down. I wanted to like this film more but my expectations were not met.


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