Blitz DVD

A word of advice, girls. If you’re picking the wrong fight…at least pick the right weapon.

Honestly up to a week ago I never heard of Blitz till a television commercial announced the movie coming out on DVD. As an avid Jason Statham fan and action junkie there was no reason for me not to give this film a viewing. Really, was there any other reason after seeing Statham beat the tar out of a few carjackers?! Of course not.

When describing Statham in this movie, I mention his Dirty Harry demeanor. This small pistol here doesn't help my case.

Blitz is actually based on a novel of the same name by Ken Bruen. Director Elliot Lester brings it to the silver screen. Like the novel the main focus is Detective Sergeant Tom Brant and Chief Inspector James Roberts. Statham plays Brant like a British Dirty Harry. Brant beats to his own drum. Police brutality means nothing to him, he’s an act now think later type of guy with no regards on consequences. The movie literally begins with the carjacking scene mentioned above. We don’t even know he is a cop when taking a hockey like stick to the skulls of the three would-be thieves. Plus did I mention he likes the occasional drink or two?

The first half or so of Blitz justs sets up Statham’s character, after we get past the development we get to the main story plot. A serial killer sets his target against the police and after he begins his spree, Brant is on the case. Aidan Gillen (The Wire) plays the twisted Barry Weiss who takes his anger out on the police force and uses the media to play on his side and takes the persona of The Blitz. Gillen actually is quite good here as Weiss. His actions at times can be random and morally wrong but you can’t help but intrigued in what he will do next. The nice thing here is that his character is not written as a supervillian or ultra smart. Due to the random actions, he doesn’t think ahead after making a move. Doing this makes him vulnerable.

While Statham and Gillen are the main two players in the film, Paddy Considine shines as Porter Nash. Nash heads up the investigation of the killings and ultimately teams up with Brandt on a mission to bring the murderer to justice. Considine deserved more screen time. Speaking of screen time, I felt a subplot that the film had should have deserved less or none. Luke Evans and Zawe Ashton were the main two in that story and I felt both performances were lukewarm.

Overall I liked the film. The camera work was done well with a bit of grittiness to it. Fans of Statham will like the film as he does what he is known best for and doesn’t disappoint, however it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Good not great. I would call it a wait for dvd type movie, but that’s a mood point since it was pretty much just that regardless.


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