Actor Spotlight: Proof

With our May’s Actor Spotlight of Anthony Hopkins coming to an end, I close out the month with 2005’s Proof.  Up to a few weeks ago I never heard of the film so I did a quick IMDB search to get  a feel for what I was in for.  Many compared this film to 2001’s A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe but since I didn’t see that film I won’t be doing any comparisons of my own.

While Hopkins’ character Robert is a big factor in the film, it’s Robert’s daughter Catherine that is the film’s main focus.  Gwyneth Paltrow plays Catherine with great passion and heart.  The film is basically following her with her inner struggles cooping with her mentally unstable mathematician genius father, following in his footsteps, and dealing with her estranged sister after their father’s passing.  Hope Davis plays the sister Claire as a less intelligent but more powerful figure in Catherine’s life.  Whenever she is on the screen opposite Catherine, there is no question who is the dominant sibling.

What I really liked about this film is that it doesn’t dwell deep into the mathematician world and just focuses on life, depression, and love.  Hopkins role is only in flashbacks and plays a huge part in Catherine’s life even after death.  Many comparisons are evident in his and his daughter’s life.  Jake Gyllenhall plays a supporting role that links the two characters as the assistant who falls for his bosses daughter.  Scenes between Paltrow and Gyllenhall were shot very well by director John Madden.  David Auburn wrote not only the screenplay for the film but also the Pulitzer Prize winning play it’s based on.

Overall Proof was a nice thought-provoking warm film that was a change of pace film for me as I’m known to be drawn more to action and comedies but I have no complaints.


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