Devil’s DVD Advocacy: The Mechanic

Continuing with the never-ending trend of hollywood remakes comes The Mechanic. In this revised version of the 1972 film, Jason Statham steps into Charles Bronson’s shoes. With Ben Foster starring in Jan-Michael Vincent’s role.

While I haven’t seen the original, it only takes one viewing of the trailer to know what a mechanic is. A metaphor for one who fixes thing and in this case, a hitman.

Like I did for True Grit, I took my father with me to watch this film. While I form my own opinions by movie’s end, it’s refreshing to get thoughts of one who watched the original back when it was released. In typical present day fashion, the kills seen here are said to be more violent and graphic. No surprise there.

The million dollar question: Can you guess the next sequence in this scene?

The Mechanic runs like your average Statham film. Very Transporter-isc. We get that same cool tough guy exterior with a bit of a soft side underneath. In fact, I believe Statham has pretty much got that down after almost playing similar characters since 2002’s Transporter. Personally I think that’s why I really enjoyed The Bank Job since it was a little bit of a departure.

While Statham was the top billing here, it was Ben Foster who stole the show. Playing the apprentice with bit of a daddy issue, he displayed a great range of acting throughout. I’ve been a fan of Foster since his demanding performance opposite Bruce Willis in 2005’s Hostage.

Director Simon West tries to give his main character Arthur Bishop a human side for a man who can be a cold calculated killer. The mentor part, Donald Sutherland, seemed standard in this genre of film however the love interest/booty call aspect, Mini Anden, feels forced and somewhat out-of-place for the rest of the feature.

Overall The Mechanic was truly a movie I wanted to like after watching the trailers and seeing the cast. It was one of the cases where it was a perfect trailer for action junkies, but falters a bit stretched over 90 minutes. Don’t be mistaken however, I did enjoy this film. Thanks to Foster, I am even tacking on an extra 1/2 pitchfork.


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