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Oscar Predictions You Can Bet On

In this past week’s episode Rene, Jonathan, and myself placed bets on who will win at the Oscars tonight. Here are our picks (the prize is the winner gets their choice of a film for all three to review, no matter how bad): Read the rest of this entry


Actor Spotlight: Quest for Fire

First you get the rocks, then you get the fire, then you get the women.  In the search for fire, we get some proto-man battles, as well as proto-man/proto-woman couplings, which, in both cases, are pretty disturbing. Read the rest of this entry

Episode 60: Worst of 2010

This week we give out our Horny Devil Awards to the worst films of 2010.  It’s a crazy mish-mash of a discussion, but that’s how we roll.

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Gnomeo and Juliet

I got a chance to catch up with Gnomeo and Juliet last Saturday…Saturday…Saturday, and Saturday night was alright for Gnome fightin’.  Chock full of gnome on gnome MMA action, tractor pull races, and talking pink flamingos, Gnomeo and Juliet has just the right amount of action and comedy. Read the rest of this entry

Devil’s DVD Disappointment: Love and Other Drugs

My dad worked in a hospital lab when I was growing up, and I distinctly remember a point sometime in the early 90s when suddenly our house became flooded with pens, notepads, coffee mugs, what have you, all emblazoned with drug names and drug company logos. I remember being weirdly fascinated by all the strange, long chemical names (usually containing more “z”s than I thought possible for any word in the English language) and their zippier nicknames, wondering what all these drugs really did and, more importantly, where all these free office supplies came from. And now, twenty years later, I finally have an answer: they come from a-holes. Read the rest of this entry

Actor Spotlight: Hellboy

“Look Sammy, I’m not a very good shot……but the Samaritan here uses really big bullets.”

Back in 2000 when X-Men came out, comic book movies pretty much were very poor received at the box office.  X-Men started a new trend that continued with success for other comic franchises such as Spider-Man and 2004’s Hellboy. While the other two were well-known characters, Hellboy was not a household name and studios were obviously concerned of what kind of draw that the movie would receive.

From the mind of Mike Mignola, Guillermo del Toro brings what he calls “his dream project” to life with a little help from Ron Perlman.

Conjured by evil but raise by good, Hellboy follows a demon that spends his days fighting evil to preserve what’s good in the world.

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All Star Superman

I have a confession to make. I hate Superman. Not on a Lex Luthor level. I don’t want to kill him or step on his cape or anything. He never kicked my cat or froze my dog with his breath. No, nothing like that. I just never got into the character. Sure, the original Superman with Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder is a classic and so is Superman 2. But, to me, old Supes will always be the Big Blue Boy Scout. He always had a solution or a power for every problem or obstacle. That’s not fun. To me, that gets old and boring very fast.

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Episode 58: Oscar Picks and Predictions

This week Joe, Jonathan, Rene, and Mike talk about their picks for the upcoming Academy Awards.  They discuss the ten best picture nominees, how to pronounce Biutiful, and whether a stammering king beats a billionaire with Aspergers.

Give us a listen because you can’t deny that you like us.  Right now, you like us.

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Devil’s DVD Advocacy: Unstoppable

In an unforeseeable event, director Tony Scott has decided to work with Denzel Washington. Who would have thought?!

Working together for the fifth time and second train movie Washington and Scott display why they work well together. Scott knows how to capture Washington in great raw moments with his signature shaky cam work to the “T”. Their continued bromance, thanks Mike, works well together and their styles of work compliment each other.

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Actor Spotlight: Cronos

Ron Perlman was in something of a career slump by 1993. His hit TV series Beauty and the Beast having been cancelled a few years before (and, by most accounts, the show was already in decline before that), Perlman was reduced to playing supporting roles in largely forgettable and/or made-for-cable productions. Read the rest of this entry

Ip Man 2

“Wing Chun. Ip Man.”

Ip Man 2 (check out Luis’ review of the first Ip Man) is the sequel to what I consider to be the best martial arts movie of the last decade. Is it as good as Ip Man? No. Is it still a great action and martial arts movie? Yes. And, it is a lot of fun.

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Devil’s DVD Disappointment: Paranormal Activity 2

For all its faults, I’m a pretty big fan of the first Paranormal Activity movie. It accomplished much with very little – having little to begin with a) forces the filmmakers to be creative while it b) forces the audience to “fill in the gaps” with their own thoughts and imagination, thereby making the terror that much more horrific – nothing that any filmmaker or effects house on Earth can throw on the screen will ever be as frightening as the things you can see in your head. In Paranormal Activity 2, Director Tod ‘Kip’ Williams (former indie-darling director of festival hits The Adventures of Sebastian Cole and The Door in the Floor) and a team of writers are smart enough keep the premise same enough to be recognizable (Blair Witch 2, anyone?) while, knowing they had a guaranteed audience and hit on their hands, aiming for more ambitious targets. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a miss, and the end result, while not a bad film, is certainly not as good as the original. Read the rest of this entry

Devil’s DVD Advocacy: It’s Kind of a Funny Story

SPOILER ALERT: It’s Kind of a Funny Story is NOT a funny story. It’s actually a nice feel good coming of age drama with a few laughs thrown in. It’s kind of a few things thrown in and mixed well. Take part comedy, add a bit more drama, mix in a serious tone and you get modern-day One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Well….not completely. Comparisons are there but with different stipulations and tone.

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Actor Spotlight: Season Of The Witch

This month’s Actor Spotlight is on the great Ron Perlman. Ron Perlman has had a very long career in both movies and tv. He’s also done a ton of voice over work for video games and cartoons. You may not recognize the face or the name sometimes, but I am pretty sure you’ve seen something Perlman’s been in.  From the old Beauty And The Beast tv show from the early 90’s to a memorable co-starring turn in Blade 2, the man has done it all. Heck, he’s even the voice of the narrator of the Fallout games. The man just doesn’t stop. Read the rest of this entry

Episode 57: Black Swan

While Expendables was billed as the manliest film of the year, we at The Devil’s Advocates Movie Review Podcast beg to differ.  This week Jonathan, Rene, and Mike discuss Black Swan and all of its manly splendor.

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The Mechanic (Devil’s Advocate Review)

Continuing with the never-ending trend of hollywood remakes comes The Mechanic.  In this revised version of the 1972 film, Jason Statham steps into Charles Bronson’s shoes.  With Ben Foster starring in Jan-Michael Vincent’s role.

While I haven’t seen the original, it only takes one viewing of the trailer to know what a mechanic is.  A metaphor for one who fixes thing and in this case, a hitman.

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The Mechanic

The new, Jason Statham-ised version of The Mechanic hits the same marks, but fails to stand out from the crowd. Many may not remember the original, starring Charles Bronson; a divergence from Bronson’s earlier work as it opts for subtlety over explosions.  Statham and Foster follow the basic points – a hit man taking a protégé under his wing as he unearths the gray areas of gun-for-hire allegiance – but don’t take it much further.

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Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance

With its winning combination of old school giant-robot action, complex characters, and generous fan service, the television series Evangelion was truly a gateway to anime and Japanese pop culture for many people the same way Robotech was years before, or Death Note years after. Add to these elements a distinctly end-of-the-millennium sense of angst, an odd (and possibly heretical) use of apocryphal Christian symbolism, some truly horrific imagery, and a healthy dose of such unexplainable “Japanisms” as moe, lolicon, and kegadoru (look it up – yeah, I don’t get it, either), you have a story that even the non-anime-initiated knew had a lot on its mind just underneath all the smashy-smashy, giant-robot action.

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