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Coyote What?! Don’t be fooled by the storyline. Burlesque is not another Coyote Ugly. Although it does seem like a remake for the first half of the movie, then strays away, and blows Coyote Ugly out of the water.

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Devil’s DVD Advocacy: Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Twilight has released its 3rd movie of the series and continues to show the struggle Bella (Kristen Stewart) has to face while living in a dead-end town of Forks, Washington and is stuck between two very good looking boys: a pale-skinned Vampire, Edward (Robert Pattinson) and a Native-decent Werewolf, Jacob (Taylor Lautner). All the actors are reprising their roles, with the exception of a few new replacements. One is the ever-persistent Vampire Victoria, who was previously played by Rachelle Lefevre is now played by Bryce Dallas Howard. And one of the insignificant Volturi members was replaced to my dismay (I liked the first actor because he was in Sweeney Todd and will be in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2). Read the rest of this entry

Devil’s DVD Advocacy: Knight and Day

Knight and Day is the latest from the Snark Master Supreme, Tom Cruise (who happens to be turning 48 today; happy birthday Tommy Boy).  Along with co-star Cameron Diaz, Cruise is back and in top form, being “that guy”.  And when he is “that guy” you can expect a “Tom Cruise in his prime” performance. Read the rest of this entry

Episode 47: Due Date

This week Rene, Jonathan, and Mike hit the road as they discuss Todd Phillips’ latest film Due Date.  Is Robert Downey Jr. destined for high praise and acclaim?  Is Zach Galifianakis more than just a beard?  All this and more on this week’s episode.

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Random Rewind: After Hours

Martin Scorsese might be one of my favorite directors.   He has a way of telling a story in a film with incredible style yet makes it feel very believable.  I also love his use of music in his films to accent a scene and makes it feel complete and memorable.  Yup, I really like Martin Scorsese films.  To be honest with you, as much as I like him I can’t say I’ve seen everything he has ever done.  So looking through his films there are quite a few that I still have yet to see and out of those one caught my eye. Read the rest of this entry

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 1

Harry Potter is back again with the second to last “installment” to the series. The relatively large Book 7 is broken up into two movies. In Part 1 of Deathly Hallows, we follow Harry Potter on his quest (away from Hogwarts) to finish the job his beloved Professor Dumbledore had begun before his untimely death. This journey takes Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and his two best friends, Hermione Granger (Emma Watson), and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) on a very isolated and dangerous road. Harry’s goal is to collect the several horcuxes that Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) has split his soul into.

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Actor Spotlight: Morning Glory

Closing out our actor spotlight of Harrison Ford, I was able to catch his latest but  far from greatest new release of Morning Glory. Director Roger Mitchell (Notting Hill, Changing Lanes) brings us the latest rom-com type movie. Taking a bit of 1987’s Broadcast News then throwing in some different aspects Mitchell shows us the life of a workaholic television show producer.

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Devil’s DVD Advocacy: The Expendables

The Expendables is a movie made by men, for men. I’m joking, of course. You ladies are more than welcome to enjoy it with us manly men, growing our beards as we take in the visual testosterone. The pet project of Sylvester Stallone, this is a movie that celebrates, and employs most of the actors from, the action movies of the 1980’s. A plot is there, but it’s bare bones, and most of the focus is on blowing stuff up and killing dudes. It is, in a word, awesome. It’s not winning any Oscars, Roger Ebert no doubt will spit hot, vitriolic fire at it, but by God it was a fun time at the movies. Read the rest of this entry

Episode 46: Unstoppable

This week we run with it at about 70 mph, as we discuss Unstoppable, featuring Chris Pine and Denzel Washington. Will the heroes stop the antagonistic choo-choo or will it blow up real good?  Or maybe both? Well, we won’t spoil that for you, but we will tell you what we thought.

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Random Rewind: The Hunger

The Hunger is a vampire film, released in 1983,  directed by Tony Scott (True RomanceCrimson Tide, Top Gun) starring Susan Sarandon, David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve.  The Hunger is a different vampire film and worth checking out for the opened minded. Read the rest of this entry

Actor Spotlight: Regarding Henry

If you woke up one day and no longer remembered who you were or how you got here; what would you do?  Would you find the reflection in the mirror a comfort, or would that reflection be alien?  How would you feel as you got to know yourself; finding that that the person you were, is not who you believe you truly are?  These are the questions that Harrison Ford faces and overcomes as Henry Turner in 1991’s Regarding Henry. Read the rest of this entry


To make a movie you need a script, actors, a director and at least one camera. In order to make a good movie, you need a good script, a good director and at least one good actor. I don’t think budget has anything to do with it. You can make a movie with your iPhone and if it’s a good movie, it’s a good movie. Pretty simple concept. Read the rest of this entry


Superheroes and super-villains have become a staple in the film industry.  Nary a month goes by without some sort of superpowered exploit coming out.  Some are good and some are bad (X-Men Origins: Wolverine anyone?)  Some are fresh and some are rehashed. Some are adult themed and some are family friendly, like last week’s release, Megamind.  I say family friendly instead of “for kids” because there is no such thing as a “kid’s film” anymore.  Not to digress too far, but when was the last time you watched something with your kids that seemed like it was strictly for them? Read the rest of this entry


In an unforeseeable event, director Tony Scott has decided to work with Denzel Washington. Who would have thought?!

Working together for the fifth time and second train movie Washington and Scott display why they work well together. Scott knows how to capture Washington in great raw moments with his signature shaky cam work to the t. Their continued bromance, thanks Mike, works well together and their styles of work compliment each other.

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Devil’s DVD Disappointment: The Last Airbender

In order to write a fully realized review of M. Night Shyamalan’s latest  film, I would have to think very carefully about it.  I honestly do not wish to think about it at all, (uh oh…am I wearing my opinion on my sleeve again?) but I shall try my best.  Let me put on my half cocked, bush league critic’s hat for just a moment.  Ignoring all of the hypercritical, fanboyish nuances that go along with being a devotee of the television series, I’d like to talk simply about where the film went wrong. Read the rest of this entry

Random Rewind: Angel Heart

Angel Heart is movie directed by Alan Parker(Midnight Express, Pink Floyd:The Wall) staring Mickey Rourke, Lisa Bonet and Robert De Niro. Released in 1987 the movie is most well known by the controversy that went on around it, more so than the movie itself. The lead is played by, at the time, one of Hollywood’s biggest bad boy leading men Mickey Rourke, but the controversy comes in the name Lisa Bonet, 19 years old at the time of filming. Lisa Bonet was known for playing one of Bill Cosby’s daughters in the very popular 80’s sit-com The Cosby Show. In Angel Heart she appears topless and has a sex scene with Mickey Rourke. This caused a mass media freak out before the films release because of her scenes in the film contrasted with her clean teen image on a prime time sit-com. The notorious sex scene also had to be edited a bit to get an “R” rating. Read the rest of this entry

Our New Weekend Column

Starting this weekend, today, right now, we will have a new weekend column. This column will feature films that up until now haven’t really fit any of our other categories.  The column will be manned by newcomer Luis Ramos and it will be called “Random Rewind.”  I think the column title says it all. They’re random, they’re and at one time they probably had to be rewound on VHS.

Check Luis out.  I’m already a big fan and I think you all will be too.

Actor Spotlight: Raiders of The Lost Ark

The powers that be will never get me to call this film…this classic, Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark.  When I saw it in the theaters as a young chap, it was called, Raiders of The Lost Ark.  The poster said so, the credits said so, and the marquee outside the theater backed up both of them.  This is coming from the guy that places Indiana Jones above everything and everyone else.  Well almost everything else. Read the rest of this entry

Due Date (Devil’s Advocate Review)

Another week at the movies and another remake hits the theaters. This time we have a remake of the great road trip comedy Planes, Trains & Automobiles.  This time with Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis in the roles played by Steve Martin and John Candy respectively.


This isn’t a remake of Planes, Trains & Automobiles? I’ll be right back. Read the rest of this entry

Due Date

The immediate impulse upon hearing the premise of Due Date is to think of the 1987 classic Planes, Trains and Automobiles. The performances by Steve Martin and John Candy, fueled by great chemistry and sharp character relationships, teased the very best that the two major comedians had to offer. It’s a shame that a large portion of the moviegoers who will see Due Date will never see that movie. They might be able to find just how it’s supposed to be done. Read the rest of this entry

Saw 3D: The Final Chapter

Another Halloween, another Saw. They say it’s the last but who knows. This time around we get 3D, hence the title Saw 3D. Personally I dislike the current 3D phase Hollywood seems to be pushing. In this economy I don’t feel the need to add a few extra dollars to my movie ticket price for something that half way through you forget the 3D factor.

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Monsters is an indie science fiction movie that follows a photographer as he tries to get his boss’s daughter through northern Mexico to safety across the border to the US. They’re both stranded behind the “infected zone”. It’s a few years into the future and most of Mexico has become a dangerous place. More so than usual. A space probe sent to investigate signs of alien life in our solar system crash-landed in Mexico. Soon after the probe crashes back onto Earth, and alien creatures start to literally sprouted up from the ground and now most of Mexico is quarantined. Both American and Mexican military forces have gone into the infected zone and never returned. So, now it’s off-limits to everybody. And, when the story begins, 48 hours from being bombed into oblivion. Fire is the only thing that can stop these alien creatures and the infected zone from spreading.

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Devil’s DVD Advocacy: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This is the missing review.  The review I should have written, but was too intimidated to write.  I was intimidated for numerous reasons, but mainly because I knew I wouldn’t do the film justice.  Well, I’m here right now, just a man with a keyboard and a blog, read by ones of hundreds each week, with my heart on my sleeve.  I still won’t do Scott Pilgrim vs The World justice, but I can at least try, and in the end that is all anyone can do. Read the rest of this entry

Retro Review: Toy Story 3

Originally Aired July 8, 2010

This week Mike is joined by Veer and they discuss a film, made by this little upstart company named Pixar. That’s right, this week Toy Story 3 takes center stage.  They discuss Pixar’s secret to success, what makes the Toy Story franchise so marketable, and technology then and now.

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Actor Spotlight: The Frisco Kid

The Frisco Kid is a cowboy buddy movie starring Gene Wilder and Harrsion Ford. Wilder plays a Rabbi from Poland trying to make his way from Philadelphia to San Francisco in 1880’s America. Harrison Ford plays a bank robber who meets Wilder’s Avram. It’s an Odd Couple comedy set in the wild west.

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A film like Hereafter could easily become exploitative.   Playing on people’s emotions in connection to death or the hopefullness connected to the afterlife.  Pandering to crowds looking for a definitive answer regarding what the afterlife might look like.  In the theater I attended there were hordes of senior citizens, on a Sunday morning.  There are two things that could contribute to this: Heavy advertising in AARP magazine due to Clint Eastwood’s involvement or seniors are looking for answers due to their own looming mortality.  Now, this is not to imply that Hereafter exploits these notions, but perhaps the way the film was marketed implied there were answers to be found. Read the rest of this entry

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest

When we last left Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace), she had just dug herself out of a shallow grave and, despite having three bullets in her (including the one in her brain), had driven an axe into the head of the evil Zalachenko, her father and former Soviet-defector at the center of a vast conspiracy with fingers in both the highest levels of the Swedish government and the darkest corners of the international criminal underworld. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, the final chapter in the late Stieg Larsson’s Millennium saga, jumps straight into the story from there, with Salander in surgery, the hulking assassin (and Salander’s half-brother) Niedermann a fugitive, and Millennium magazine’s tireless Mikael Blomqvist (Michael Nyqvist) and Erika Berger (Lena Endre) deep in planning their crushing expose even as the mysterious “Section” conspires to silence the story forever. Before the story ends there will be much intrigue, murder, a trial, a fair bit of computer hackery, and of course more startling revelations about both Salander and an entire secret branch of government whose seeming sole purpose is to take her down (good luck with that). Read the rest of this entry

Episode 44: Let Me In

This week Rene and Jonathan spotlight the vampire film/book adaptation, Let Me In.  What separates this from other vampire films?  How does it hold up in this saturated market?  Listen and find out.

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Devil’s DVD Advocacy: Toy Story 3

I have a love/hate relationship with Pixar. I love their films and I hate when they end. When most (I say most because I’m only marginally in love with some) come to an end I find myself wanting to explore the world created within even further. I want to see the characters’ unexplored adventures and crazy antics. Basically, I never want the films to end. Luckily, we’ve been given the gift of three Toy Story films. That’s, approximately, four and a half hours of Woody, Buzz, and the others doing their thing, and putting gigantic smiles on the faces of their viewers.

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