The Town (Devil’s Advocate Review)

Last week I saw Good Will Hunting 2: Electric Boogaloo starring Ben Affleck and Jeremy…..Wait. It wasn’t Good Will Hunting 2? Damn. Gotta start again.

The Town is the latest from director, actor and Oscar-winning screen writer Ben Affleck. It’s a heist movie set in a part of Boston that’s the bank robbery capitol of America, Charlestown. The movie follows Affleck’s Doug MacRay as he continues the town’s tradition of bank robbery and crime in general. He’s part of a crew of bank robbers that’s seen Point Break a few times too many. They rob banks in outlandish costumes and for the most part avoid killing anybody. One robbery doesn’t exactly go as planned and MacRay tracks down a potential witness, a manager at the bank they just robbed (Rebecca Hall). Of course, in a movie as predictable and by the numbers as this one, they fall in love and complications arise.

This movie needed subtitles. The chins and Boston accents were too distracting. Nothing made any sense. Chances are any other crew would have just intimidated the potential witness or just skipped town. I felt like I was watching The Departed meets Good Will Hunting in a few scenes with the overly emotional scenes mixed in with the bank robbing action.

2 pitchforks

In reality, this movie really impressed me and exceeded my expectations. Ben Affleck has really grown as an actor and now he is a good director. His other movie behind the camera, Gone Baby Gone, was great but not as personal as this is. The Town’s cast is great. Everyone in this is at their best. Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) as Doug’s best friend and the crew’s loose cannon, steals the movie and his chemistry with Affleck is great. It’s believable. Pete Postlethwaite also stands out in a cameo as Charlestown’s crime godfather. Jon Hamm (TV’s Mad Men) is excellent as the FBI agent on the trail of MacRay’s crew. I’ve never seen Mad Men and Hamm played a character you love to hate.  Don’t be surprised if there are a few nominations for the cast and Affleck this awards season.

Great movie.

4 pitchforks


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