The Losers

With keeping the notion that things happen in threes comes The Losers.  The first of three like movies coming out this movie season involving military type teams involved in far-fetched action appealing to the action junkies.  The others, A-Team and The Expendables, ironically were shown in the previews while I sat in theatre waiting to see this one.

Based on a Vertigo DC Comic, The Losers is helmed by Sylvain White who hasn’t done much other than 2007’s Stomp the Yard and a couple straight-to-dvd movies.  The general audience targeted here is comic fans and/or those who like to see mind-less action with a bit of eye candy thrown in.  With that in mind, White was right on.  From the get-go we see a military mission gone wrong followed a little bit later with Zoe Saldana.

Saldana plays the femme-fatale opposite the rugged hero role played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  Morgan plays Clay, the leader of the double-crossed and assumed deceased group of merry men out to clear their name and exact revenge on the mysterious Max played by Jason Patric.  While Morgan plays the tough guy with a heart role pretty well, Patric excels as the kooky sometimes pushing over-the-top villain.  I have to say watching Patric here was a delight.  The script for this movie is very cookie cutter and it feels like with knowing that he had fun with his role.

These losers have the right stuff.

The supporting cast is lead with Chris Evans, Columbus Short, and Idris Elba to name a few.  Evans is clearly the comic-relief here as he seems to be often.  Hey, if your good at something, keep it going.  With that in mind, not to alter the topic, is what makes me curious how he is going to play a serious role in becoming Captain America.  Short, who also co-starred with Saldana in the recently released Death at a Funeral,  plays the family man in the group.  I am starting to really like this actor but am not yet convinced if he will be able to truly carry a film as a lead or if he is best suited as a supporting actor.  Last years Armored was a disappointment as from what I heard of Stomp the Yard.  Then again that can be just be poor scripts.

As of right now I look at the film as an amusing popcorn action flick that satisfied my simple needs…action, eye candy, and little thought.  In a few months after the other like films mentioned earlier comes out, i’m curious to see what I may think then.  I may appreciate this movie more or maybe a bit less, time will tell. 


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