Date Night

Before I start talking about the movie Date Night, I’m going to take a second and apologize to everyone involved in making the movie for keep referring it to Date Movie.  That movie is totally unrelated and far inferior to this comedy.  So….I’m sorry, please forgive me.

Directed by Shawn Levy, Date Night stars television’s comedy powerhouses Steve Carell and Tina Fey.  Pairing these two opposite of each other is perfect.  The two play off each other very well with their sharp and sometimes dry wit that leaves you laughing without going to slapstick levels.

The premise here is simple.  Bad guys mistake an innocent couple for the wrong people.  Simple yes, where it goes has far more to it and laughter ensues.

Carell and Fey play a married couple who get just what they need to get their marriage out of a rut…an adventure.  Along the way we meet many of characters.  James Franco and Mila Kunis light up the screen in their cameo as the original targeted couple.  Franco channels his Pineapple Express mojo and leaves you wanting more.  Mark Wahlberg even makes an appreance that gives a few laughs.

Even though Franco’s cameo was my favorite, I got a kick out of Ray Liotta as the mob boss.  Yes, I know, Liotta as a mob boss is nothing we haven’t seen before.  However I was reminded of his role in Wild Hogs and had a fun time comparing this role to that.

While I pause to give credit to Josh Klausner for writing the script, I wonder if he wrote the script to the stars strengths or did Carell and Fey take the average script and made it better with their lines that i’m sure were ad-libbed.

Overall I enjoyed Date Night and recommend seeing it at some point.  At a running time of 88 minutes, I think that they did good not to try to stretch laughs further for a longer duration

3 1/2 pitchforks


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  1. Great stuff! Loved this movie as well! Putting you on my blog roll, hoping you can share the love?

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