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The Losers

With keeping the notion that things happen in threes comes The Losers.  The first of three like movies coming out this movie season involving military type teams involved in far-fetched action appealing to the action junkies.  The others, A-Team and The Expendables, ironically were shown in the previews while I sat in theatre waiting to see this one. Read the rest of this entry


Episode 19: Kick-Ass (C2E2 Edition)

Intrepid reporter Mike Pampinella made his way over to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) to talk to comic fans about the film Kick Ass.  Did the film live up to it’s name in the eyes of the comic reading community, or was it just another mindless action romp?  See what the fans had to say.

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Kick Ass

Kick-Ass is half awesome, half boring as the growing grass. As someone on Twitter commented to me, it should be called “Half-Assed.” For me, the far more exciting second half was enough to overcome the turgid beginning, but that may not be the case for audience members less swayed by over-the-top violence and fun stupidity. Read the rest of this entry

Director Spotlight: Spider

David Cronenberg’s film, Spider, is about a schizophrenic man of the same name.   While on his second, third, maybe even fourth stay at the mental health treatment facility, he begins piecing together the memories of his childhood.  Keeping in mind that he is in fact a schizophrenic, his memories are automatically suspect.  Not only are the memories suspect, but they are essentially the most untrustworthy component of the story. Read the rest of this entry

Bond 23 Delay, Craig Says Okay

It was announced late last week that the new Bond film would be delayed, shortly after the announcement that director Sam Mendes would be heading up production.  The film is being delayed due to uncertaintysurrounding MGM that has arisen out of financial issues.  There are talks that the franchise could move to another production company, which would get the film back on track sooner.

Daniel Craig, the current James Bond, has stated that he is happy with the decision to wait.  The film was slated for a 2011/2012 release, which will likely change.

Death at a Funeral

Is 2007 to 2010 too soon to remake a film?  Death at a Funeral is a remake of a British comedy of the same name.  With the death of the family’s patriarch bringing everyone together, relationships are tested, revealed, and found to be a bit disturbing.  Read the rest of this entry

Episode 18: Clash of The Titans

Zeus be damned, as Mike and Jonathan discuss Clash of The Titans.  Our Devil’s Advocates travel to where the monsters dwell, curse the 3D reshoots, and  look at the action/plot ratio. 

Kick back with some ouzo and give us a listen. 

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Devil’s DVD Advocacy: Avatar

Avatar has been in the works since 1994, back when James Cameron decided that his 114-page script required, “technology to catch up” with the demands of his fantasy-world. Now, nearing the end of a decade past our 2nd millennium, we have his newest masterpiece. Read the rest of this entry

Director’s Spotlight: The Fly

Gather around, kids. I’m gonna tell you about movie remakes done right. You see, a long time ago in an age known as the 1980’s, movie remakes were being made. But, they actually respected the movies they were remaking. The Fly is a great example of this strange concept that modern filmmakers can’t quite seem to grasp.  Read the rest of this entry

Date Night

Before I start talking about the movie Date Night, I’m going to take a second and apologize to everyone involved in making the movie for keep referring it to Date Movie.  That movie is totally unrelated and far inferior to this comedy.  So….I’m sorry, please forgive me. Read the rest of this entry

Date Night (Devil’s Advocate Review)

When you have a Steve Carell and a Tina Fey on board for a film, you let them do their thing.  If you rein in talent of that caliber, your film just might suffer.  Let funny people be funny. Read the rest of this entry

Devil’s Challenge: Independence Day 2 and 3

Many years ago the aliens attacked Earth. We thought it was looking bad for us, but we pulled it out in the end. We kicked their alien asses with the help of Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Randy Quaid, and the amazing leadership skills of Bill Pullman. That movie was Independence Day. The movie sites have been tipped off that 20 million dollar Will Smith is locked in for 2 more Independence Day films. What they could possibly be about is anyone’s guess.

At the end of the last film (spoiler alert) they blew up the aliens. After a rousing speech bringing the world together, they kicked some alien ass. So what’s next?? I would like to submit the following challenge: Write your own small synopsis of what you think the movie will feature. We’ll call it The Devil’s Challenge. This can be funny or serious. It’s your pitch throw it in the comments section and we’ll pick the best one and feature it on the site. The contest will go for 7 days from the posting date. So check back and see if you’ve won.

Harrison Ford To Star in “Cowboys and Aliens”

The other day, it was confirmed by Iron Man director Jon Favreau, over Twitter that Ford is in fact starring in the film Cowboys and Aliens.  The tweet read, “Please stop asking if Harrison Ford is in Cowboys & Aliens. Okay? He is.” 

Ford will be joining cast members Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde in the comic book adaptation, which is slated for a July 2011 release.

Sam Mendes Will Direct Bond 23

Sam Mendes, director of last year’s Away We Go, has been confirmed as the director of the next Bond film.  British newspaper, The Telegraph,  reported that Mendes is on board, as well as Danile Craig in the title role, along side Dame Judy Dench.  Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, the regular Bond scribes, will be joined by Peter Morgan, who gained acclaim for his screen adaptations of Frost/Nixon and The Other Boelyn Girl.

Clash of The Titans

There are some films out there that are simply begging for that remake.  And why shouldn’t they?  I know there are purists who think nothing should ever be updated or remade, but with all of the advancements available to filmmakers today, why not take a concept that worked and find another way for it to work?  Many fans of the original, Ray Harryhausen produced, Clash of The Titans cried foul immediately, but that didn’t stop people from flocking to the theaters.  Read the rest of this entry

Devil’s DVD Advocacy: The Slammin’ Salmon

Slammin’ Salmon is the latest comedy by the Broken Lizard crew. They’re the guys behind Super Troopers and Beerfest. Not as raunchy or out there as their earlier movies, Salmon is still a fun movie. Read the rest of this entry

Devil’s DVD Advocacy: Pirate Radio

From the mind that brought us Love Actually, comes Pirate Radio. I feel that this is worth mentioning, because Love Actually is a film that I actually love. I have watched it a number of times, simply because it holds up in a way that I can’t see Pirate Radio holding up. Read the rest of this entry

Episode 17: Hot Tub Time Machine

This week Jonathan and Mike discuss the mechanics behind hot tub time travel and the key to a successful “buddies on a bender” film.  

Give us a listen, and hop in the hot tub.  Bathing suits are NOT optional. 

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Repo Men

Repo Men, based on the novel Repossession Mambo, is an odd movie. At turns both awesome and befuddling, the film demonstrates influences from classic sci-fi b-movies to more modern action thrillers. The cast, with one exception, is strong. Jude Law and Forest Whitaker play Remy and Jake, who are the titular repo men. They work under Frank, played extremely well by Liev Schreiber, for an artificial organ manufacturing company called “The Union.” When customers fall far enough behind on payments on their organ(s), repo men are sent to reclaim said organs. As seen in the film’s trailer, Remy suffers an on-the-job accident, and receives an artificial heart, for which he is unable to pay. Read the rest of this entry

Kick Ass: Special Preview from Damian Smith

By Damian Smith

Editorial Note: Here’s Damian Smith/Lord Shaper’s Kick Ass review/preview. He saw it at the Australian world premiere. Damian is a friend of the Devil’s from Australia and was lucky enough to have cool friends and get a sneak peek at Kick Ass.

Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan with few friends and who lives alone with his father. His life is not very difficult and his personal trials not that overwhelming. However, one day he makes the simple decision to become a super-hero even though he has no powers or training.

Ok, that’s enough of the “what’s the movie about”. I had the chance to go to the World Premiere of Kick Ass tonight which was something that came out of the blue. Read the rest of this entry

Director Spotlight: Scanners

Another month and another spotlight focused on a director. I kick off April’s Director Spotlight of David Cronenberg with 1981’s Scanners. Cronenberg, due to his fascination with the horror genre earned the nicknames “King of Venereal Horror” and “The Baron of Blood”, not only directed this film but wrote it as well. Scanners is the movie that gave him his US upstart and popularity after being a hit in Canada. Read the rest of this entry

Hot Tub Time Machine (Devil’s Advocate Review)

Hot Tub Time Machine has not only a crazy name, but also a crazy premise and crazy antics. Is that enough crazy for you? If not, you can check out the film and see the crazy hair, crazy fashions, crazy energy, and crazy comedic components. Hot Tub Time Machine brings the crazy and it’s hilariously rendered for our enjoyment. Read the rest of this entry

Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine is a movie that could only be made after The Hangover. It is an R-rated comedy with a limited storyline, starring little-known, bit part actors (aside from John Cusack, who I’ll get to later), with limited financial backing. Before The Hangover, and its immediate cult-like status, Hot Tub would have been a straight-to-DVD selection. Read the rest of this entry

The Comic Book Movie You Should Be Excited For

Unlucky in love? Get dumped? Get beaten up by your girlfriend’s seven evil exes?  Didn’t think so. 

This is the premise of Universal’s latest comic book adaptation, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.  Now I know that the film has the two most oversaturated things in Hollywood right now…those being comic books and Michael Cera, but this trailer has me excited.  From the look of it, the film blends the action of a comic book, with the style of a video game, which is what Scott Pilgrim is at its core.  Give the trailer a look and tell us what you think. 

Prepare For The Longest Movie Ever…24 The Movie

It was announced recently that 24 would wrap up at the end of the current season, and then shortly after that it was announced that a film is in the works.  In the works only so far as they have a script just about set and are pitching ideas. 

How will the twenty-four hour realtime format translate to the screen?  According to Jack Bauer himself, the plan is to show all twenty-four hours in a two hour film, which will free them up creatively, as they won’t have the hindrance of presenting events in realtime.   

If all goes according to plan, the film should hit theaters in early 2011. 

Paul Greengrass Eyes Fantastic Voyage

Up until now Greengrass has been firmly planted in the real world of cinema, but he is now in talks to make the leap to the world of sci-fi/fanatsy. 20th Century Fox is working towards a remake of Fantastic Voyage, the story of a scientist suffering from an unknown illness, only to have his colleagues miniaturized and injected into his body. The previous incarnation was made in 1966, so it only seems appropriate to Fox that it get a modern day, big budget treatment.

The Green Zone director is only in talks at the moment, but Fox is looking to strike while the iron is hot.