The Wolfman (Devil’s Advocate Review)

When you come across a film that has not one; but two Oscar award winners for best actor in the likes of Benicio Del Toro and Sir Anthony Hopkins how can one pass up the opportunity to watch it? One would expect powerful acting performances, an exchange of blistering dialogue and characters that would leave an impression that others would strive to achieve in a film of this nature. In 2010’s remake of the 1941 classic The Wolfman staring these two great actors, we get none of that. What we do get is a movie that is weak in it’s plotline, a little disappointing in the acting performances and relies too much on imagery to tell the story.Perhaps I’m being too harsh, in the beginning of the movie the acting just seems forced and though it does improve as the film moves forward, it feels off. There are individual moments of brilliance, but those moments happen in solo performances and is not sustained throughout the film. Adding to the disappointment is the story, which in retrospect is very predictable and of course leaves the franchise open for additional films. When one stops to think about it, this would have been common in movies of this genre, after all how could we get movies like The Wolfman vs. Dracula or dare I hope The Wolfman vs. Frankenstein.

The aspect of the movie that did draw my attention was the scenic imagery. At times it felt as if you were really in Victorian age England; you almost at times felt the darkness and the uncomfortable feelings of something just around the corner. This in itself saves the movie from a complete write off. Sometimes classics should remain untouched.


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