Chaser DVD Review (Just For The Hell of It)

Chugyeoja (The Chaser) is a 2008 Korean suspense/ thriller film, about a shady ex- detective; Joong- Ho Eom (Yee- Seok Kim) turns pimp, trying to run a failing escort service, he comes to the conclusion that the “working girls” he employed are skipping out without paying him his cut of their services. Rapidly losing “employees” and not getting paid, Joong starts to believe that it’s more than coincidence. Coming across a re-occurring cell number linked to the women who have gone missing, he sends out one of the last of his working girls Mi-Jin Kim ( Yeong -Hie Seo). Mi- Jin enters what seems to be the home of a single man Young – Min Jee (Jung- Woo Ha) and turns out he’s more than just guy looking for an escort Girl. And in this roller coaster of a non- stop thriller, Joong has to find his missing working girls and and unravel the mystery of the disappearances.

First off, if you’re a viewer that has a hard time reading sub titles, doesn’t find Asian dark humor funny, or doesn’t dig Asian Cinema all together, this isn’t going to be the movie for you. Now by not giving too much away, the film itself has the viewer feel a multitude of emotions. Making you cry at some points and making you laugh at others, the film does pull everything together to have a complete range of senses by having the viewers follow a dramatic roller coaster of a suspense thriller. Even though the I can’t revel the ending, towards the end, the twists get more dramatic, but to my opinion fall some what flat compared to the rest of the film.

 If you’re the type of viewer that follows Asian Cinema, particularly the Japanese and Korean foreign films, you will have a sense of an Old Boy meets Ichii The Killer, where pn pne side of the story, you the main character that goes on a search to solve the mysteries of the story, while on the other end you a sadistic serial killer on the loose to satisfy personal carnal sins. With that said, The Chaser, has a potential to become an underground cult classic among Cinema entertainment.

 I hope see the point of view of what I saw in this film, and if so, I can almost guarantee that The Chaser will be a DVD rental worth watching. 3 1/2 Pitchforks out of Five.



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