Inferno Cage Match: Maximus vs. William Wallace

Maximus vs. William Wallace

DA Inferno Cage Match

In this corner hailing from Rome, in the somewhat metal toga thingy, brandishing two Roman swords. You know him, you love him…Commander of the Roman Legion, father to a murdered son, husband to murdered wife, and he will have his revenge in this life or the next Maximus!!!!!!!!

In the other corner wearing a kilt, with blue on his face (for some reason), holding a sword, frankly a bit to big for anyone.  Hailing from Scotland, you know him, you love him…Let’s give a big FREEDOMMMMMM for William Wallace.


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  1. I’m voting Maximus due to military background.
    He’s been in many battles while William Wallace been only in a few.
    Don’t get me wrong, he’s a bada$$ and been in tough fights, but I give Maximus the advantage due to experience.

  2. Mike Pampinella

    I voted that way too Joe. And here is why….Maximus proved himself in one on one combat a little more that Wallace did. Wallace was great with an army backing him up.

  3. Spencer Diedrick

    I just think that when it comes down to it, Wallace is a better leader and Maximus is a better fighter. I’m not sure Maximus could’ve let the revolt Wallace did, but I know Wallace couldn’t survive in that arena for so long, then manage to kill the emperor while stabbed in the back.

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