Inglourious Basterds (Might just be the best Tarantino yet)

IB as I will call it (cuz my spell check isn’t going to let the actual spelling fly)is, in my opinion, the best Tarantino film yet. I may even think it’s the best Brad Pitt film yet. I’m being as subtle as “The Bear Jew’s” bat up against a Nazi scalp I know. I freaking loved this film. Many years ago when I was all of 16 I found a movie called Reservoir Dogs. My friends and I loved it and from that day I became a disciple of the Q. Pulp Fiction all the way to Kill Bill 1 & 2. Sure there have been some misses but I’ve stayed true. IB knocks it all out of the water.

A baseball bat!  The one weapon Patton didn't think to use.

A baseball bat! The one weapon Patton didn't think to use.

Brad Pitt plays slack jawed southern man named Lt. Aldo Raine.  Pitt takes such pleasure in these off the wall characters, and he goes at them running.  Let me also just say his accent is amazing. Most people think it easy to do a convincing Southern accent, I assure you it isn’t. Aldo leads a rag tag group of Jewish guerrilla soldiers affectionately known as The Basterds. The crew consists of some interesting character actors. BJ Novak (producer, writer, and actor on The Office), Til Schweiger (you may remember him form SLC Punk!), and my favorite, Eli Roth (director of the Hostel films and Cabin Fever). Let me tell you Eli Roth is a guy to watch. Never have I seen someone take so much pleasure in a role before.

They have been dropped in German occupied France with one mission…kill Nazi’s. In true Tarantino form the movie jumps around a bit, you gotta pay attention. We meet a Colonel Hans Landa (aka the Jew Hunter) played amazingly by Cannes Best Actor recipient Christoph Waltz. Hans prides himself on being very good at what he does. The bulk of the film is like any other “plot to kill Hitler” film. There are spies, double agents, and a Hitler look alike. I always wonder about those actors. When does your agent say “listen you look a lot like Adolph Hitler, I think we found your thing”.

I won’t ruin the movie with a lot of details; this movie should be experienced with a blind fold. Walk in thinking you know what’s going on. However you will be pleasantly surprised when you have no clue.

I give this movie 4 out of 5 pitchforks.

I know this is a rave but I have yet to see that 5 out of 5 film. The day I give 5 you’ll know it’s worth it. However go see this movie twice. Go see it twice, and then go home and write folk songs about it. It is that good!!!!


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  1. It was amazing. I couldn’t miss a single eye-twitch. I love his focus on emotional transitions through slowly-transforming facial expressions… definitely his best one yet!

    • Patrick Newson

      I eager to know who you think was the protagonist and who was the antagonist. 1000 points to if you get it right

      • Hmmm… well after some deliberation I have an answer for you. SS officer Hans Landa was actually the protagonist of the film. We follow him from beginning till end as he takes on a principal role in the story. Maybe not the most beloved, but Landa served as the engine driving the main plot and character development. This being said, his main opponent was our lovely revenge-hungry Shoshanna: the antagonist. The Basterds were the most amiable characters (in my opinion)!

        So… what can I buy with 1000 points? 😉

  2. Ummm the 1000 points should be held onto because there’s a prize on the way i’m not gonna tell you what it is…..but when it is available you will be glad you hung onto them

  3. Mike Pampinella

    The protagonist of the film is (this will blow your minds) not a person, but rather an idea. The idea that a grassroots effort can build into something so promising, that it could lead to the end of a war.

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