Saw 6??? When Is Enough…..5 Sequels Too Many! (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

So little known fact about me….I love horror movies. I do I’m a big fan of the genre.  What isn’t a little known fact about me….I have a low tolerance for stupid crap.  Let alone stupid crap that costs ten bucks to see. So imagine my surprise when I saw a poster for Saw 6. I understand that people still go to see these things, but who is making them?

An open letter to the people who won’t pull the plug on Saw.

Dear whoever you are,
I understand times are tough. I understand that a paycheck is a paycheck. That being said, please stop. Come up with something new. The original Jigsaw dies and it keeps going???  How many more ways can you get a guy to saw open his friend to get a key?  Who are your friends? Don’t you ever get embarrassed? When your friends go “hey what are you working on?”  You say Saw 6? The say “oh another one?” They are as bored as we are. GET A NEW IDEA!!!!!!!
Patrick Newson,
Devil’s Advocate Reviewer

There! I’m sorry that got uncomfortable, but someone had to say it. It’s just in a world of possibilities there has to be more. It is up to the viewer to demand the material to be smart, entertaining, and original. If we don’t they’ll keep sending us the same drivel packed in a different box.  I’m not saying NO to sequels,  just know when enough is enough. What will be the next big idea??  I don’t know. There will be no room that month, because Saw 12 will be in its spot at the multiplex.


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  1. Mike Pampinella

    And let me ask this. If the “game comes full circle” in the 6th installment, why are they talking about a 7th film?

    All of that talk that it was always intended to be a six film franchise is BS.

    Now honesly, did anyone who watched the first film (which was rather good) think that it was intended to spawn 5 sequels?

  2. Mike Pampinella

    Really? I thought it was an alright performance. Nothing worth writing books about, but good for the movie. What really got me was the suspense and the story itself. It made sense…in that one movie.

  3. Spencer Diedrick

    Personally, I’m a fan of any film in which Danny Glover kicks the bucket: Witness, Antz, the Lonesome Dove mini-series, etc.

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