Who’s pumped for the new Chris Nolan movie?

I must admit, I was very sad when I heard Christopher Nolan was considering not directing the next Batman movie. His feelings were two-fold, from what I could tell: he planned on having the Joker return in the next film (and didn’t want to cast anyone else in that role), and he felt somewhat responsible for what happened to Heath Ledger.  For this, I completely understand.

But then all this info started coming out about his next film, Inception. It’s a sci-fi action thriller that takes place “within the architecture of the mind” (whatever that means).  It stars Leonardo DiCaprio (easily one of the best actors out there) and my man-crush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  The supporting cast includes Oscar winner Marion Cotillard (hopefully making up for Public Enemies), Oscar nominees Ken Watanabe, Ellen Page, and Tom Berenger, as well as two actors that Nolan has previously worked with, Michael Caine (in “a tiny role”) and Cillian Murphy. Needless to say, I can’t wait.

The trailer will premiere with Inglorious Basterds next weekend, then again with Gamer the following weekend. It’s almost enough to convince me to see one of these films!  To those who are already planning on it, don’t you dare spoil a thing. I can wait, I’ve been patient thus far…sort of.


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  1. Mon Man-tastic

    oh you know i’m freakin super-charged for this man!!!!

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