3-D Schmee-D (A Mad As Hell Op-Ed Piece)

Am I the only one who doesn’t like or care if somethings in 3-D? I find myself sitting in a theater wearing glasses that frankly make me look stupid. I don’t think for a moment anything looks real enough to actually jump off the screen and get me. My favorite part is they talk about it like it’s a new thing. Now in Disney Digital 3-D!!! Blah blah blah! I saw Freddy’s Dead the Final Nightmare in 3-D. It didn’t scare me anymore then it would have in 2-D. In fact it really didn’t scare me at all.

What was with the name of that movie anyways?? Freddy’s Dead…way to ruin the ending.  It’s just like How Stella Got her Groove Back. I would have like to maybe felt some suspense. Will she get it back? How will she get it back?? Will she have to drag race for it. However I am rambling 3-D is what we are all here to talk about. Here’s a list of movies coming out in 3-D
* Underworld 4– yeah cuz 3-D is gonna help that one out.
* Final Destination 54 or whatever the hell it is. Great the flying tires can almost hit the actors and us…way to make me feel included.
* All Disney and Pixar films.
*Spiderman 4– What’s he gonna fling webs at the screen?? Maybe Toby Maguire spits when he talks who knows.

The point is why do we need this?? Try sinking money into a plot line that doesn’t suck instead of making bad movies worse. It’s like taking a root canal at your dentists, and adding someone doing The Day the Music Died on Karaoke. Talk about making a bad day worse.


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  1. The next Spider-man is in 3D? That’s all we need. Emo Parker dance in 3D.

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